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Spotify 2017 Wrapped
19. 12. 2017

At Clearbox, we all like to think we're a pretty discerning bunch when it comes to music. We go to a lot of gigs, some of us are in bands and we are generally quite passionate about our musical tastes.

Needless to say, when Spotify released their annual end-of-year 'Wrapped' feature, we were straight online to find out what we'd been playing all year. The results proved that we are, in fact, not as cool as we think we are...



As you can see, this year my Spotify was commandeered by my boyfriend and his man crush, Chris Stapleton. Chris Stapleton is a bad-ass American country/blues singer with an incredible voice, so I’m not mad about it, and will admit a lot of the plays came from me too!

Spotify was my crutch during my dissertation earlier this year, so I racked up a lot of time listening to Khalid, Drake’s “More Life” album, and my all-time favourites, the Eagles. I’m also a huge HAIM fan, so when their new album was released in July, I was all over it. ‘Ready For You’ is my favourite song on the album so, of course, it was played to death (and still is!)

I associate each of my top songs and artists with different aspects of my year, so it’s a nice reminder of everything I’ve done in 2017: from stressing over 11,000 word essays, to having it all pay off when I graduated, to listening to these songs on the plane to different parts of the world with my favourite people.

2017 sounded good!


My Spotify Wrapped sums my year up pretty well: I play in a Status Quo tribute band, I saw Stone Sour and Ryan Adams live and anyone who has met me for five minutes knows I’m obsessive about anything and everything Brian Fallon (The Gaslight Anthem) releases.

Top of the list though is Sonja Sleator and a claim that I guess not many people can make. I play guitar on Sonja’s most recent EP, so can legitimately listen to myself on Spotify. Repeatedly playing the songs is a by-product of being in practice rooms with other musicians getting the songs up to standard to be played at live shows. Think Father Ted’s “My Lovely Horse” and you’re not far off.

Also, it’s not a bad EP…go have a listen!



My 2017 Wrapped is a bit of a mixed bag in that I’m not entirely responsible for all of it. I can lay claim to listening to three of the top five artists, and I’ll leave you guys to figure out which ones are mine. The others?

My Spotify account is connected to our office Echo so there’s a mix in there of my music and the stuff we listen to as a team.

I don’t know what dance pop is, or who Ariana Grande is. Oasis stands tall in the upper echelons of the greatest music ever made, and I have to admit, I don’t mind a bit of Little Mix of an afternoon. As you were, RKID.



Wow. 54k minutes listening to music? That's 37 days. Over a solid month of Guns N' Roses, Nirvana, Little Mix.

This list pretty much has my 2017 listening nailed, although no idea how Taylor Swift was my second most listened to song? Spotify, I demand a recount!



I’m not convinced that these are my top five played songs of 2017 but the top artists listed are definitely correct. Robbie Williams = legend and this song reminds me of last New Year’s Eve and being deliriously happy (probably thanks to too much red wine). One of my best friends got married in the summer and GoldFord was used for her wedding video. I’ve been obsessed with them ever since. I’m too embarrassed about the last three to even talk about them…



I’m pretty surprised by my own list, I expected more Queen and a little bit less 'night out at Thompsons’, but there you have it. I’m blaming it on the fact that I definitely don’t steal my boyfriend’s premium Spotify account...

This lot was probably inspired by my 21st birthday playlist that I’ve had on shuffle repeat since April. Who doesn’t love a bit of R Kelly Ignition?

Claire H


The only thing missing from this year’s wrap-up is my Broadway music and Barbra Streisand obsession. I was surprised to see that Don’t Rain On My Parade didn’t make the cut for this year’s top tunes, but, hey, there is alway’s next year to show my idol some love!

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