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Anna's Doodle Diary

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11. 03. 2016

Over the past few months, we've brought you a weekly glimpse at the personalities behind our Clearbox doodle wall. It's time for the last edition of our Doodle Diary series and we've saved the best to last. Roll up, Anna!

Name: Anna Morris

What do you do at Clearbox?

I oversee the running of the business and keep Clearbox moving in the direction we all want it to go. As a young company, we are very focussed on the growth of the agency and I'm responsible for making that happen. I also sing a lot. People in the office say I'm a hybrid of Adele and Mariah Carey. Well, I say that and nobody disagrees.

What are you doing on the wall?

I'm riding my horse Summer over the hills of Holywood.

What would your specialist subject on Mastermind be?

The life and times of Britney Spears.

What's on your playlist right now?

We have an office playlist and we're all a bit obsessed with Little Mix and Justin Bieber. We also have Zayn Malik's new song on repeat.

Binge-watching anything at the moment?

Horrid Henry. I don't get a say in what's on the tv in my house.

What's your favourite food?

Lemons. Sliced. With a dash of tonic water and a splash of gin for good measure.

What couldn't you live without?

My two boys. They love football, getting muddy and running riot at the weekend and being with them is the perfect escape from the working week.

What keeps you awake at night?

My cat. She is the most needy animal I have ever come across.

What makes you go to sleep?

Camomile tea, lavender pillow spray and a good book.

Finally, what's the best thing about Clearbox?

I have so much fun every day in work. Even when we're all really stressed or something bad has happened, we have each other's backs and can see the funny side of any situation.

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