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Axl Or Aguilera?

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12. 09. 2017
We ask a lot of difficult questions at Clearbox.But, perhaps, none more difficult than 'what's your favourite album of all time?'We've had Karen and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and next up it's Anna and Christina Aguilera. Well, almost...The greatest album of all time? It comes down to Christina Aguilera's Stripped and Guns N' Roses' Appetite for Destruction for me.I'll go with the latter for this as it was exactly 30 years ago that this album was released and it literally changed the world. Now, I appreciate I was a baby so wasn't aware of the world before this album existed but I can imagine it was a pretty dull place. My brother and cousin were (and still are) massive Guns fans so I picked up the music by osmosis and am still in awe of the grit and rawness of this album. I love that none of the band were superstars when they created it and Appetite tells the pure and undisguised story of the squalor of their lives at that time.In Slash's autobiography, he explains the sound created on the album was down to a Les Paul replica guitar he used which has a completely unique tone that he has never been able to replicate with any other guitar. You can completely hear the difference in the sound from the Use Your Illusions Albums (although I do love these too...)My favourite song on the album has to be Rocket Queen - if you're ever bored do some research on the story behind the sound effects on that track.It's astounding what passes for music these days. Guns songs are epic, non-repetitive and have so many different parts to them. Justin Bieber could learn a thing or two from Axl Rose. Twitter campaign for a collaboration, anyone?

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