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Banging THE DRUM for NI in London

29. 05. 2018

Tomorrow we’re popping across the pond to attend The Drum Marketing Awards in London where we’ve been shortlisted for two categories; Best Brand Experience and Relaunch Strategy of the Year.

We’re pretty excited as we’ll be joining the likes of Beano Studios, FIFA and Mastercard in our categories - something we didn’t expect to be doing less than five years into our journey. But hey, we’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing brands of our own and we’re pretty proud of the work we’ve done.

Here’s a bit about the two campaigns that have been shortlisted:

RELAUNCH STRATEGY: BOXYMO.IE REWARDING SAFER DRIVING is an insurance product for drivers (aged up to 26) whereby the premium is based on driver behaviour. An on-board telematics device monitors driver behaviour and rewards young drivers for good driving. The safer they drive - the more money they can save. wanted to launch an updated product (with improved accuracy) by creating a cut-through campaign that would raise awareness of the product whilst positioning the brand as a champion of road safety.

We created an online game (featuring characters such as Justin Beeper and Connor McRevver) that highlights causes of accidents and rewards safe drivers with Nando’s vouchers.

Why? Because we researched our audience (young drivers aged 17-25) and they told us they are more open to brands online that offer material gain and want to be entertained rather than sold to. The game allowed the brand to reach these online audiences in an entertaining way that also provide a platform to communicate road safety messages in an impactful and fun way. Oh and we gave away some prizes too. Material gain and all that.

The results? 22.6 million reach through earned PR, 117.4% increase in the number of quotations enquiries from the previous year, 685% increase in traffic to website and an increase of 98.9% in live policies across the MCL group* for 2017. RSA figures for 2017 show the number of deaths on Irish roads fell to 159 from 186 the previous year. These encouraging statistics inform our belief that engagement and education are effective ways of reducing the risks drivers are taking on the road and whilst we don’t take credit for the shift in this dial, we’d certainly like to think that the campaign has caused young people to think twice before speeding, texting while driving or applying their makeup behind the wheel.


In 2017, we helped Bushmills Irish Whiskey deliver an event series using an authentic blend of touch points to create an uplift in sales to report the brand’s best sales year to date.

How? We created an interactive and relevant event strategy, combining great content and customer experiences to truly engage the 25-35 year old audience.

Echoing the brand’s ethos of independence and innovation, we partnered with local thinkers, creators and entrepreneurs who had answered their calling in life to discover their stories and asked them to help us tell ours with a series of intimate immersive events, supercharging the campaign messaging and delivering a beautiful brand experience for consumers.

Although it was important to keep the events intimate and low-key, in line with the brand’s understated spirit, we were able to deliver the event series to the entire country by using the content and stories borne from each event theme across social media, PR and a dedicated campaign microsite to result in a total reach of 38.7 million.

By implementing a collaborator-led approach, we recruited a whole new audience, tapping into each of these micro-communities in a genuine way, allowing them to capture and share their experiences through #AnswerTheCall.

This campaign was built on thorough research into our target audience which allowed us to create a series of authentic and meaningful moments that allowed consumers to experience the product first hand and learn new skills. This wasn’t a flash in the pan event, this was a genuine series that lived across seven months and taught consumers new skills whilst giving our collaborators a platform to share their knowledge. The result? One of the most talked about and effective campaigns of 2017 leading to Bushmills’ best performing sales year in Northern Ireland.

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