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Battle Bourne

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15. 08. 2016
It's been a whirlwind few weeks since Susan Ogonda joined the Clearbox team as the latest member of our intern programme, so we thought we'd get her to update you on something she's been working on lately.Over to you, Susan!One the highlights of my time at Clearbox so far definitely has to be the fantastic campaign launching the new Jason Bourne film for the team at Universal Pictures Ireland.We gathered together Irish national journalists from print, broadcast, online and social channels in a top-secret location in Dublin to participate in a Bourne boot camp. The boot camp took the media inside the world of Jason Bourne and challenged them to learn the self-defence and combat techniques of cinema's most thrilling all-action hero.The Clearbox team had an early start, hopping on the train to Dublin at 6am. Once we arrived, we transformed the secret room into a training centre that mirrored the CIA headquarters and waited for our guests to arrive.The boot camp was lead by Patrick Cumiskey; a close quarter combat expert and his team. Since 2001, Patrick has trained over 30,000 people in Ireland, including Ranger Wing, Gardaí and United Nations Units preparing for deployment – so it's safe to say you don't want to pick a fight with him!Once everyone had arrived and the camera crews were ready, Patrick started with an introduction on how to avoid being targeted by an attacker. This was followed by a warm up that quickly escalated into an interactive lesson where everyone got to try out some self-defence moves for themselves.Patrick and his team put the media through their paces, firing through combat routines including how to escape from a headlock, a knife attack and even kicking someone with enough force to escape an attack. Although I spectated from the safety of the side-lines, I felt exhausted just watching everyone put their newfound skills to the test!The excitement of the day increased even further after lunch when Patrick introduced combat techniques incorporating everyday items, such as an umbrella and his infamous 'death pen' - a normal pen with a spike on its end designed to do serious damage to an attacker.Of course, during all the fun and excitement, the Clearbox team was hard at work taking photos and videos of the action to be published by the media all over Ireland in order to publicise the film. The day was covered online and on broadcast channels- we even got #JasonBourne trending on Twitter!By the end of the day everyone had self defence techniques that rivalled the CIA agent. Despite being seriously puffed out, the media raved about how much fun they had being Jason Bourne for the day. As my first proper project as an intern with Clearbox, it was a great insight into the world of PR and made me even more excited about the rest of my time here!It was fantastic to see the press coverage that the event generated for the movie, including great TV features on Ireland AM and the Pulse, radio hits on 98 FM and Spin 1038, national coverage in the,, and RTE Ten. The social media reach of the campaign was impressive too, with half a million people reached across Ireland.You can watch the video from the event here.

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