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Blue Monday

Blue Monday 11118
20. 01. 2020

Depending on your view, Blue Monday is either:

A) An absolute banger by New Order


B) A day created by marketing and PR people to sell stuff.

We’ll let you decide. It’s definitely A, BTW.

Regardless of your view, it’s hard to argue that Mondays in January can, on occasion, be a little bit blue. However, we’re a positive bunch here at The ‘box and we wanted to spread that positivity by helping you, the Great British public, manage your own blue Mondays with a few of the tips and tricks we like to live by ourselves.

For some, January is a dreadful month. It’s cold, dark and miserable. The lights and pretty decorations have all been taken down, you feel like you’ve put on a stone in weight on and that warm, cozy feeling of drifting off in front of the fire for your turkey sleep seems a million years ago.

All in all, January can be a tough month, so here is your cliché “How to beat the January Blues” from all of us at Clearbox…

Get organised: this is just great advice all round, but planning ahead will help immeasurably in many different aspects of your life.

Planning your meals for the week will make you feel in complete control of your day and it’ll eradicate the dreaded “whats for dinner” thought that starts creeping in at 4:30pm.

Plan your spending for the month. This is probably one of the most difficult parts of January - knowing how to budget after being a big spender with that early paycheque in December. Lock away some emergency funds for the last week of January, either in a bank account or in a piggy bank. This way you’ll have money if you’re running short and if you’re not you can treat yourself to something nice - double win.

Cherish the ‘Big Night In’. Plan a night where you watch a movie, read a book, have a bath and apply a face mask or even invite friends round to play a board game. Book this in the diary and stick to it, as it’s always good to have something to look forward to. Staying in will also help save the bank balance.

Don’t make resolutions you can’t stick to. This sounds like a no-brainer and a bit of a cliché but often making plans to change everything about ourselves can be detrimental to our happiness levels. Instead, reflect on the good the past year brought, acknowledge your achievements and recognise what positive changes you made and figure out ways to develop them.

Above all, be kind to yourself and remember time and calendars are a human constructs that don’t really exist. January is just like any of the other 11 months and just like we got though them, we’ll get through January.


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