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Bun in a million

26. 07. 2022

As you're well aware by now, our team writes lots of blog posts about things that matter to them. We talk about cool campaigns, our work, how to be successful in the PR agency world - all sorts of stuff.

This week, however, is one of our most divisive topics yet.

What's your favourite burger?

Alex has all the answers. Well, some of the answers...

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that being a massive foodie is a prerequisite of working at Clearbox but sometimes it seems like all we talk about (outside of our amazing clients) is food. Where to eat, how to eat, the best this, the best that.

This week’s topic of choice was cake, which incited some controversy. Nora doesn’t like chocolate cake (mad woman) and Hannah doesn’t like any cake (apart from chocolate cake - ironic, don’t you think). I decided I also didn’t like cake, until I thought over my decision and realised, upon reflection, I do like cake, in its pure form. I do not, however, like puddings. Don’t like a crumble or tart or pie or pavlova.

As you can imagine, there was outrage. For Amy, dessert is the best part of the day, and poor Jess was left absolutely speechless. Some of my other colleagues took it a step further (we’ll not name any names) and decided to taunt me about some of my other culinary habits they don’t deem appropriate…such as ordering a chicken burger in every burger bar. Hardly the crime of the century, but you know what it did, it got the people talkin’, talking about the perfect burger…

Zoe takes a firm stance that there should be no tomato anywhere near a burger (agree), Ella is a pickle monster and the more the better (disagree) and for Dani, the beef absolutely has to be mustard-fried (I def wanna try this).

So, without further ado, I present the perfect burger (according to each member of the Clearbox team.)

*Warning* I have three favourite burgers, but they are all perfect, so I stand by my decision and will not be taking any further questions at this time.


I would say that my fave burger is from Five Guys, I love a smashburger. The more toppings the better - I go for onions, mushrooms, cheese, pickled relish, gherkins and tomatoes - need as many flavours going on as poss.


I'm greedy and can’t choose between my two ideal burgers, so I’m going to tell you about them both.

The first is the Double Double Animal Style burger from American fast food chain, In-N-Out Burger. It comes with two beef patties that have been mustard-fried, so much cheese, caramelised chopped onions, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and a delicious unknown spread on a toasted bun. If you’ve had it, you know. I’ve only ever had three in my life, but I think about this burger at least once a week.

The second is strictly for barbecue season. A steak burger from my local butcher, white sesame seed bun, melted pre-sliced cheese, tomato ketchup and a dollop of coleslaw to finish.


I love a Five Guys burger, one patty though, two is too much for me.

Bacon Cheeseburger with lettuce, jalapeños, pickles, grilled onions and fresh onions, ketchup & mustard.

I’ll maybe switch it up and add green peppers and hot sauce instead of ketchup & mustard, very rarely though.

If there was no Five Guys, it would be a 2am burger from the van outside Thompsons, with cheese, ketchup & grilled onions, delicious.


People who go to games will understand what I'm about to say - I love a football burger. There's something about a burger from a van outside a football ground that can't be recreated elsewhere. Do I know if it's actually beef? No. Do I care? Not in the slightest.


Moving mountains burger, Violife vegan cheese, lettuce (strictly iceberg, rocket belongs in the bin only), red onion, coleslaw, pickles and sweet chilli sauce. Accompanied with chips and garlic mayo dip (very important).


A trusty McDonald’s McChicken Sandwich, a true OG!


A Bunsen hamburger with all the toppings. It’s the only burger I get excited about, and I appreciate that the paper it’s wrapped in catches all the juices so my hand stays clean (I’m very much a chips with one hand, burger doesn’t leave the other kind of person…).


I would have to say a plain double cheeseburger from STKD Burger in Bangor. I have been their biggest advertiser since my first burger there 😂


  1. Honest chicken burger, juicy grilled chicken breast with pesto and mustard mayo *ughhhhh* that mustard mayo is made by Gods, and durning lockdown I was on internet forums trying to find how to make it so I could recreate at home (I couldn’t btw). And I honestly think if I was on death’s row it would be this burger as my last meal, or potentially my mum’s roast (depending on the weather).
  2. 7th Street Burger, this is a big coup for me as we already established I always get a chicken burger, but on a recent trip to NY I trekked for hours to get to this place after seeing so many rave reviews on TikTok and it did not disappoint - the sauce was perfection and patties were so juice and laden with onions.
  3. Friar Tuck’s chicken burger with mayo and lettuce. This is my go-to take away. The chicken is so plump and the batter is just absolutely perfect. They also smother it in mayo and the bun is always just the right size for the burger. 10/10 every time.

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