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Can you easily describe your business in one sentence?

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17. 01. 2020

If not, your brand may be in need of a Brand Workshop.

Can you easily describe your business in one sentence? Do your sales and marketing teams successfully engage with target audiences? Does your team articulate a shared value proposition? If you struggle with any of these questions, it may be time to pick up the phone to Clearbox and examine your organisation’s brand and communications strategy.

Here are a few of the ways we can help to harness the power of a strong and consistent brand identity:


Not your average client meeting, our branding workshops offer an interactive day of engaging exercises, constructive discussions and a bit of fun designed to dive into the company’s values, identity, culture and communications.

Our workshops are created especially for each business and are an incredibly insightful session for companies who want to establish who they are, dissect their current communications and create a strong vision for the future.

This is an opportunity to rally your company’s top-thinkers from across the business and dive into those not so simple questions – “Who are we? What do we stand for? Why do we want to say? Who cares?”

No snoozing through this workshop – everyone participates, every opinion matters, and every voice is heard.


Your company has a strong vision. It’s insightful, brilliant and has a clear plan for the future. One question, is this vision shared by everyone in the team?

Our Internal Audit uncovers whether your brand messaging, values and vision are shared by everyone in the organisation with a questionnaire, designed specifically for your organisation. This is a really fun and user-friendly questionnaire that provides anonymous feedback on the current climate. This is a critical step in looking under the hood of your business to uncover pain points and challenges. Clearbox then takes these findings to build a recommendation for how to improve your internal communications and inspire your employees.


A strong and consistent messaging strategy is not only important for external communications, it provides employees with an understanding of their organisation’s identity, direction, purpose and values. Put simply, employees can’t create or sell what they don’t know.

This is instrumental to creating synergy within the company so it can market itself effectively, ensure all parties are aligned to move business in the right direction, and attract and retain the best and brightest team.

We work with brands to establish who they are, dissect their current communications and create a strong vision for the future.


Want to find out more? Just pick up the phone, connect with us on social or ping us an email. We’re a friendly bunch and would love to chat about how we can help your business inspire people, from the inside out.

To find out what our services could do for your brand, get in touch.

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