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Celebrating five years of Clearbox

Fifth birthday
05. 10. 2018

This week we have been celebrating five years of Clearbox with vegan cake, show tunes and some epic memories that have been flooding in from clients, past team members and our current team.

It’s a long 'un but a good ‘un so grab some cake, put your feet up and we’ll see you in an hour or two…

TOP TIP: Keep reading to the very bottom for John's summary of five years in 143 seconds.

Charlotte Goss

Senior Account Executive

“Collapsing with laughter when Natalie 3D scanned my head with the Sony XZ Premium camera”

Clearbox has kicked off my PR career in serious style - working with big brands on cool projects, but my favourite bit about the company is the team. The Clearbox vibe has attracted the Clearbox tribe. It makes a big difference to know you get on with everyone in the team, and that you can turn to any one of them for help, chewing gum, or the Twirl they have hidden in their bottom drawer…

My favourite memory is collapsing with laughter with Natalie, after she 3D scanned my head with the Sony XZ Premium which the team had just launched. It’s safe to say she did NOT do it right, and obviously it’s become a treasured and timeless Clearbox asset…

Daniela Morelli

Sales and Marketing Manager at Morelli's Ice Cream

"When we made a giant mosaic of Steven Davis' face from ice cream sprinkles"

We have been working with Clearbox for three years and we have done some pretty amazing things together. The stand out stunt for me though was when we made a mosaic of Steven Davis’ face out of Ice Cream Sprinkles to celebrate Northern Ireland’s participation in Euro 2016.

We love the creativity of the Clearbox team and we love it when they come up with quirky and fun ideas to promote our brand and we also love the fact that it always comes back to the Ice cream. The team understands our brand and we look forward to working together in the future. Anna, Dani and the Clearbox team are not just colleagues, they’re friends.

Niamh Ryan

Marketing Manager at Proximo Spirits (Bushmills Irish Whiskey and Kraken Rum)

“Ensuring every Bushmills event has its own scent”

Working with Clearbox is a true pleasure – between ensuring every Bushmills event has its own scent, to creating creepy characters from the deep with Kraken – no detail gets overlooked by the team. They have a real skill in mastering the balance between PR and event management - a group of true professionals and a pleasure to work with!

Clare Savage

Former intern

“The OG office by the sea”

Five years on and this amazing company is still pulling it out of the bag with their creative campaigns for some of the nation’s leading companies. I was fortune enough to kickstart my career at Clearbox back in 2014 as part of the intern scheme. Way back then, Clearbox was only one year old and based in its OG office by the beautiful Holywood seafront.

A huge standout moment for me during my time at Clearbox was when I was involved in the launch of the Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie DVD. I was involved in the project from the very beginning and saw it right through to the launch day when we plonked a statue of Agnes Brown in the middle of Dublin. I can still remember standing on Moore Street and seeing the reaction of those passing by!

Finally, I want to wish the Clearbox family a massive happy birthday!

You have achieved such wonderful things, won so many awards I have lost count for your creative campaigns and I know you are only going to get bigger and better in the years to come.

Claire Best

Internal Communications Manager

“John’s interpretive dance to Sia’s Chandelier in the middle of an airport”

Having been involved in Clearbox from almost the beginning, I have lots of fun memories from the past 5 years - it’s hard to pick one. From being heavily pregnant and bringing Anna and John buns in their old office when it was just them and two laptops to doing our first road trip around the Amazon FCs with back to back visits and lots of very small planes taking us from one place to the next. John kept us entertained by doing some interpretive dance to Sia’s 'Chandlier' in the middle of an airport (can’t remember which one as they had all blurred into one by that stage), I think we must have been delirious by that point as unlike the rest of queue, we found it hilarious.

Building great relationships with clients, making some life long friends and doing really great exciting work every day has made the last 5 years easy.

Page McLaughlin

Former intern

"A team that can make serious tasks fun"

I started my internship with Clearbox while in my second year of University, my first ever role in a PR agency! I knew I would like Clearbox before Anna or John even spoke to they entered the interview with a plate of cookies in hand. This epitomises my time at Clearbox, with a team that can make serious tasks fun, ensuring jobs are done in a creative way and that the process is enjoyable as possible throughout. I loved that about Clearbox - each idea was valued, everyone was part of the team, we all came together to ensure the best ideas were generated, and drank a lot of tea and coffee! It has been great to watch the team grow and see exciting new clients come onboard, I can’t believe Clearbox is 5 already! Happy Birthday!!

Hannah Sherry

Client from Universal Pictures UK

“Creative and fun”

My favourite memory of working with Clearbox has got to be finally meeting the team in Dublin after numerous calls, emails and campaign planning for the DVD and Blu-ray launch of Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie. They instantly put me at ease and we’re not only professional but all round good people. Organised with great media skills, but also prepared to go the extra mile placing stickers on fruit and ensuring every last detail was right. The unveiling of our statue was a fitting tribute to not only Agnes Brown but to Dublin itself, with passers by and media really getting into the spirit. I loved working with the team and getting to be part of something really creative and fun.

Plus they introduced me to the difference in Irish Cadbury’s chocolate and I’ve been jealous ever since

Happy fifth birthday Clearbox!

Marleta Bailie

Former Project Assistant

"Clearbox helped me kickstart my career"

I was with Clearbox for six months and the team really taught me a lot about PR and the industry at the early stages of my career. I loved the time I had a Clearbox working with the team, clients and created some great memories. I feel that Clearbox helped me kick start my career. It is a great place to work with a great team and has come so far in the last five years.

Dani Hibbert

Project Director

“Arguing over which font to use in emails”

The early days of three eejits (Anna, John and myself) in a small office making silly music videos, actually having time for walks along the beach, arguing over the nicest font to use in emails, doing impressions of our favourite people, and having so many laughs are the loveliest memories for me at Clearbox. But equally today, seeing a much bigger team of ten working on multiple global brands makes me so proud to have been part of the Clearbox journey over the past five years.

Chloe McLaurin

Former intern

“Scooting around Applegreen’s forecourt with John”

It feels like yesterday when I left you as a three-man show. Normally on birthdays the thing to do is reminisce and celebrate all the amazing things you have done, right? So, in true birthday style and to celebrate your fifth birthday, I have jotted down the five best things you gave to me:

1. The 4:30AM wake up call for a boat trip dressed as oversized minions on the River Liffey…one to remember!

2. The birth of the unicorns and Anna’s ferocious purchasing of many unicorn-themed office ornaments.

3. The memories of being back in the original Church View office where I celebrated my 21st.

4. When John and I stole Anna’s kids’ scooters to *safely* scoot around Applegreen’s forecourt (because we were/are mature…)

5. The experience, the fun, the friends and the forever lasting Marilyn Monroe look-alike emoticon that represents me on your office wall graphic.

Plus many, many more. Happy birthday Clearbox, you rock and I miss you - celebrate in style!

Natalie Clarke

Senior Account Executive

"Americans furiously hair-whipping on the dance floor"

Aside from the tea run every day, I’d have to say the 2017 Christmas party is up there with some of my favourite Clearbox moments of all time. The excitement as we all got glam in the office with make-up, hair and prosecco stations got the night off to a perfect start. Then there was a life-size Liam Gallagher cut-out, apprentice-style challenges, proposals, Americans furiously hair-whipping on the dance floor (maybe just one) and great grub that was allergen-friendly. The best kind of night with the best kind of people.

Another great one was Charlotte and I’s conGRADs party shortly after we started Clearbox. A complete surprise, I don’t think we could have been made to feel more welcome. We had a hilarious quiz comprised of embarrassing facts about us both - the banter was unrivalled and the photo booth props were on-point.

Anna Morris

Head of Excellence

“Hugging Rachel Riley on stage”

The past five years have absolutely flown in and my memories are a haze of amazing campaigns, fun clients, hard work but, most importantly, lots and lots of laughs.

The ultimate moment for me was when John and I were in London for the National PRCA Awards and Rachel Riley called our name for the Best New Agency category. We weren’t going to bother going until, at the last minute, we decided to go ‘for the lols’ and all of a sudden we were on stage hugging Rachel Riley (for John, this part lasted a little longer than it should have!) and collecting our award.

It was at that point I realised there was no going back - we were going to have to live up to this title. And we absolutely have. Thanks to our amazing squad we have delivered stand out campaigns for Amazon UK, Kraken Rum, Universal Pictures, Sony Mobile, Morelli’s Ice Cream, Amazon Echo, Bushmills Irish Whiskey and many more. Pretty impressive for team of absolute renegade masters!

Ashley Dalzell

Former Project Manager

“The fun that is injected into each and every project”

My most favourite thing about Clearbox is the company ethos. I love the whole attitude of the company; from the parent pack and other employee perks, to the copious amounts of cake, tea/coffee and biscuits that are provided and not forgetting the fun that is injected into each and every project.

I have to admit my first day at Clearbox is probably up there as one of my most favourite memories. I was so nervous coming off maternity leave and joining a new company but I knew as soon as I arrived that I had made the BEST decision. I had such a great welcome, my desk was filled with personal treats and everyone was super friendly.

Claire Hamilton

PR Manager

“I'm really proud to work with Amazon”

The Christmas party was an absolute highlight for me. It was a fab night out with the team and we created some amazing memories. I had just recently moved to Northern Ireland, so it was a great night out in my new city. I can’t wait for this year’s shenanigans!! I also really loved traveling to Manchester to visit the Amazon team. It was so fascinating to take a tour of the fulfilment centre and see Amazon’s famous robotics in action. It made me really proud to work with Amazon and even more excited for the technology innovations that are shaping the e-commerce industry.

Susan Ogonda

Former PR Executive

“Learning to fight like Jason Bourne”

Happy 5th Birthday Clearbox! I couldn't have picked a better place to begin my "real life, adult" career.

Throughout my time at Clearbox, I was lucky enough to help organise a movie premiere, learn to "fight like Jason Bourne" and meet some of Northern Ireland's best loved icons.

My year at Clearbox was full of cool events and exciting stunts, but when I think of my favourite memories, daily life at the agency immediately springs to mind: Blasting the Independent Ladies playlist - much to the dismay of half the team, treat Thursdays, and copious cups of tea.

John Megaughin

Associate Director

“When we made enough money to buy a printer that worked.”

When we started life in an office big enough to ride a bike in. When we left that office and moved into something so small you couldn’t swing a cat in it. When we finally settled somewhere in between. When our first tax bill almost put us out of business. When we were named the UK’s best new PR consultancy in London. When our team trebled in size. When we dressed as Minions. When we started working with Amazon. When Bestie joined. When Dani came in for an interview, unannounced. When we beat agencies we had no right to be in the same room as to win Bushmills. When we made huge mistakes. When we celebrated big wins. When we suffered painful defeats. When Chloe, Page and Claire all left our first internship programme and smashed it in their proper grown up jobs. When Anna started doing the cat daddy. When Anna stopped doing the cat daddy. When Susan Ogonda took the Pride Awards by storm. When we opened an office in Yorkshire. When Andrew from Caffe Nero delivered coffees to our desks. When Andy Hill kindly let us take over his office. When David and the team at Gravis Planning let us rent an office. When I wrecked our email server. When Natalie and Charlotte joined. When Natalie and Charlotte got promoted. When Natalie deleted our Dropbox folder. When Dani went to a client dinner with conjunctivitis. When Vogue Best was born. When Ashton, Leo and Jackson were wee ones. When MyCarNeedsA appointed us. When Daniel joined. When we did a new business document in InDesign without any idea how it worked (don’t bother). When we started working with Sony. When we made our 500th trip to IKEA for office furniture. When we toured eight Amazon fulfilment centres in three days. When we got evicted from an office. When we stuck labels on 500 bananas for Universal Pictures. When we made a mosaic of Steven Davis’ face for Morelli’s, from smarties and sprinkles. When we answered the call. When a New Yorker came into our lives, laden with Barbara Streisand bangers and power poses. When we did yoga in the office (it’s actually alright you know). When we had enough money to buy a printer that worked. When we launched Amazon Echo in Ireland. When we had an ad on the radio. When (name redacted) bumped into a car in a radio station’s car park and drove off (they know about it now and it’s all sorted, don’t worry). When Ashley Dalzell helped me shop on ASOS. When Hannah from Universal Pictures discovered Irish Cadbury Dairy Milk. When Alex brought her Portadown banter to the office. When Charlotte asked ‘is that another pair of desert boots you’ve bought?’ When we brought Sophos on board. When Lauren and Sophie joined the graduate programme. When we worked with dozens of Amazon Sellers. When Georgie, Chase, Mac and the yet to be named (and born) Irish doodle joined the Clearbox pet family. When we launched the Amazon Academy. When we helped local charities through our volunteer days. When we didn’t win awards we should have won. When we won awards we shouldn’t have won. When we pretended that Bestie was a full time member of our team even though she’d given birth two weeks before going to a pitch with us. When Dani phoned the Garda to report a delivery driver who was ruining her photo opp. When we went backstage at Mrs Brown’s Boys. When we created loads of cool media events for Universal Pictures Ireland. When we get advice and support. When we believed in ourselves. When we didn’t. When we fell out. When we made up. When people said it would never work. When Anna had an idea to start a new agency that did things differently.

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