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Clare's First Month At Clearbox

19. 11. 2014
At Clearbox, we are very lucky to not just have one, but two amazing Interns. Earlier this week you heard from Page about her first month 'on the job' and now it's Clare's turn...So, I am one month into my internship at Clearbox Communications and, despite only having spent a few weeks in the office, I have already gained an incredible amount of real-world knowledge of the crazy and wonderful PR scene. Clearbox has not only fulfilled my expectations of PR, but exceeded them.On my first day I was greeted by the fabulous Anna and my fellow square-eyed friend, John. They went over certain protocols which were basically summed up as, if you are dead on, we are dead on. Unlike many other interns who are usually full of intelligent questions, my first question was 'Can I wear jeans sometimes?' Thankfully, the answer was yes. I'm not quite the dress and tights type of gal!Within my first month at Clearbox I gained first hand experience into exactly how a PR agency functions and how relationships with clients and the media work and are maintained every day. I also quickly realised that coffee would become my new best friend and I would be buying daily magazines because my lunch break involves being stuck in my chair as I never wear comfortable footwear to go for a walk.I was involved in many exciting projects, including implementing PR and social media strategies for potential and existing clients. What stands out for me as the most exciting campaign I have been apart of is definitely the launch of Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie DVD launch. The 'Tart with a Cart' campaign (as we fondly refer to it) was my first big campaign with Clearbox and gave me a great opportunity to work with the team from Universal Pictures (UK) in London.From the moment the bottle of wine was popped on the train down to Dublin, to the squashed train ride back home, I had a smile on my face. We spent two days in Dublin's fair city working on a stunt which involved installing a statue of Mrs Brown on Henry Street in the style of the City's infamous Mollly Malone statue. It was such an incredible moment to see our idea come to life and attract so much attention from the media, people on the street and the twittersphere. It was an experience I will never forget.Another great campaign I got to experience was the launch of EE's Double Speed 4G in Northern Ireland where we issued a media alert to the business press accompanied by some images from a photoshoot which I helped coordinate. I love the buzz of seeing something I'm working on land in the press the next day and generate positive news for a client.Even though I have only spent a month in the office I cannot wait to be involved in more campaigns and get stuck in with more PR madness.TIP OF THE MONTH:My tip of the month is, read your university emails, or else you will miss out on great opportunities like joining the superb Clearbox team.

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