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Clearbox After Hours

18. 10. 2022

Introducing…Clearbox After Hours

We’re always looking for ways to help our team learn, grow and evolve, not just as PR professionals, but as people.

This year, we’ve welcomed some new people to our team who also run a business on the side in their spare time. Most employers might not be keen on that.

We are not most employers.

Instead of trying to curb enthusiasm for such ventures, we’re embracing it by trying to help it thrive. Today, we’re announcing a new investment programme called After Hours*. It’s an offer to our employees who run a business of their own or are thinking about running a business of their own, for Clearbox to invest in that business.

Whether it’s some budget for Facebook ads or financial support for creating a product, we’re offering everyone at Clearbox the opportunity to get investment from the agency to help their side hustle grow. We're also teaming up with our pals at Dokoo Digital, experts in all things Amazon Handmade, Shopify and lots of e-commerce wizardry, to offer our team crash courses in selling products online.


To be good at this PR game, you must be able to solve problems, come up with ideas on the hop and manage time and money. These are also key skills to running a business, so if we can help to enhance those skills for our agency and our clients, then why not?

We believe that well-rounded people make well-rounded PR professionals and through this campaign and our other innovative employee engagement programmes, we’re trying to push the boundaries of how companies in our country and our industry support their staff.

Meet Hannah

Hannah joined Clearbox earlier this year. In her day job with us, she’s busy managing social media channels, running CSR programmes and generating lots of great press coverage for her clients. In her spare time, she has her own business called HU Nails.

Hannah’s business bit on the side has helped her develop skills in social media, forward planning, managing clients and meeting deadlines. She’s benefitted hugely from her side hustle experience and now Clearbox is benefitting from it too.

We’re talking to Hannah about her business right now to see how we can support her when she’s not delivering outstanding service for our clients.

You can find out more about HU Nails, Hannah's side hustle, on her Insta.

Before we go

We should add that a side hustle isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok too. Our aim is to create as many opportunities for our people as possible, but not every opportunity will be suitable for everyone. However, there is something for everyone and that’s what we’re all about – supporting each other and building a brilliant team spirit. If that sort of vibe is up your street, then get in touch. We’re always looking for good people to join our team.

*Like everything in this agency, we’ve named the programme after something musical. Surprisingly, this one wasn’t written in the 70s or released in the 90s.

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