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Clearbox First Impressions

Tea and buns
16. 03. 2015
Good Afternoon and welcome to my first blog post as the latest member of the Clearbox staff team!Interestingly, I guest blogged here exactly a year ago next week, for the “Clearbox Weekly Roundup” feature. Who could have guessed that I would eventually end up sitting around the table with the agency I admired from afar.I'm into my second week as Media and Communications Manager and I'm pleased to report that I'm settling well, thanks in no small part to Anna's taste for good coffee and John's secret addiction to cream buns. I joined at a time of change for the agency as it expands and moves office base so it's great to be part of this stage in their journey.I knew it would be a challenge to come back agency-side and it has been - particularly transferring over from regular PC usage to a Mac! What I didn't anticipate was just how much more exciting the job would be after years working in-house. Perhaps it's the dynamic work of the client base, from the creative world of Universal Pictures to the important services of Negative Equity NI, the all-Ireland aspect of Brakes, the female celebration of Its4women or helping ambitious local businesses like Just Live a Little to thrive.What I will keep from my in-house days is a genuine thirst for getting under the skin of an organisation, understanding their brand and transferring their values and messages into everything I do. It's why I ask so many questions at meetings. Bear with me, it's all for a good cause!I'm loving how busy we are juggling everything from media releases, digital website and SEO work, photo calls, launch events and copywriting, all in my first few days. The agency is living up to my expectations and its bringing out the best in me. I am genuinely excited about what we can achieve in the coming months.Outside the client work I'll be continuing my role on the CIPR Committee running membership communications in Northern Ireland and organising industry training events. When the Macbook Air closes you'll either find me at the Kingspan cheering on my other half or improving my Marvel knowledge watching superhero movies with my small person.Life is good, Spring is in the air, so stay tuned to hear about our very own Clearbox caped-adventures in the coming months!


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