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Clearbox joins The Mind Tribe

27. 07. 2021

We are excited to announce that Clearbox has joined forces with The Mind Tribe as part of the agency’s ongoing commitment to creating the best possible environment for our team.

The Mind Tribe is the creation of Anji McGrandles, a mental wellbeing expert and coach. Anji, who worked as a director at several leading global and UK PR agencies in London before starting her new venture, works with businesses, brands and individuals on their wellbeing strategies, goals and training.

As part of the programme, Clearbox’s team has access to a number of in-depth training workshops designed to help people change their life and mindset through the teaching of healthy practices and the creation of a personal action plan to build long term resilience and confidence.

Anji’s knowledge of corporate environments has helped inform the mentoring skills and training workshops that are part of The Mind Tribe. Her courses and tools can be accessed online via The Mind Tribe Academy.

The Mind Tribe partnership is being led by Clearbox General Manager, Claire Best. She said:

“Anji is an inspirational woman who has used her experiences both inside and outside work to create a training programme that will really help people improve their mental health. The Mind Tribe is a brilliant way for us to support our team and we are excited to take advantage of the Academy’s many great training modules over the coming months.”

Anji added:

“My background in corporate environments means I understand the pressures faced at work and how they can impact someone’s personal life. I’ve used that understanding to create The Mind Tribe to help people take control of improving their mental health. My programmes help people to develop an understanding of tools, neuro hacks and mindset techniques to problem proof their day. I’m happy to welcome the Clearbox team to The Mind Tribe and I hope they enjoy the training modules.”

As their Wellness Editor, Anji has been invited to global destinations to write for her wellbeing column in luxury lifestyle publication House of Coco. She also regularly contributes to media and has featured in Cosmopolitan, The Telegraph, Stylist, Time Radio, HRD Connect and Happiful magazine.

Anji is a brand ambassador for Fitbit Luxe’s workplace wellness campaign.

You can follow Anji on Instagram and Facebook @themindtribe and find out more about The Mind Tribe at

Clearbox’s partnership with The Mind Tribe is the latest addition to a wellbeing programme that also includes unlimited holidays, private healthcare and access to CBT therapy.

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