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Clearbox Office Newbie Survival

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02. 05. 2017
What's it like being the new person at Clearbox? A walk in the park or running the gauntlet? Natalie, one of the newest members of the team, tells all...Being the new kid on the block is scary, especially if you're entering a whole new field of expertise. I'm totally new to the Clearbox dream team and it's a world away from anything I expected.Here's a few things I have learned during my brief, but exciting, time in the office so far:It's okay to be bricking it Having almost graduated, interning at Clearbox has opened my eyes to a world of creative PR I didn't know existed. I was nervous, but that was okay. Asking all the questions is the best way to find out how everything works – from where we keep our office milk to how the printer works (when it eventually does). Everyone has been more than helpful and it's been exciting to be part of a creative agency that actually wants to hear your ideas, no matter how new you are to the game.The desire to throw your Apple Mac through a window is entirely normalThis is an issue not attributable to work-related stress. Rather, as a Microsoft-only gal, the Microsoft-to-Apple transition can be…challenging. I was swiftly assured by the rest of the office that I am not alone. Four weeks in, however, throw me all the Pages, Keynote and Numbers documents under the sun – I've got this (I think).There's nothing like a personalised mug to make you feel like a team playerIt might seem trivial, but there's a lot to be said for the 'accepted' feeling that comes with having your own office mug. Especially one so pretty. Armed with my 'N' mug, I am ready to take on whatever the day holds.Tea and Mini Eggs enthusiasts are my kind of people Tea is life and life is tea. Outstanding creative agencies are built upon the sustaining power of tea and coffee. When I saw the industrial-sized packet of Yorkshire tea bags in the office kitchen I thought 'I'll be just fine.' The Mini Eggs have also been free-flowing, especially in the aftermath of Easter. That's the kind of positive office atmosphere I can get on board with.It's not okay to compare Harry Styles to David BowieTurns out, no matter how much you think Harry Styles' new song sounds kind of Bowie-esque, this opinion does not sit well with certain members of the Clearbox team. I am thoroughly out-numbered. The need to obtain a better 80s musical education? Well and truly noted.With these new discoveries under my belt, I'm excited to see what else my PR adventure will bring.

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