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Clearbox Summer Sessions: Summer Jams

20. 06. 2017
Drum roll please…because our newest blog series 'Summer Sessions' deserves a bit of fanfare. Failing the fanfare, a fan will do the job 'cos this series is HOT.Over the next couple of weeks, the Clearbox team will be sharing all the things that scream classic summer to us. From sunburn fails to holiday romances and from cocktail recipes to BBQ tips – this series is as juicy as a strawberry and as satisfying as the smell of freshly cut grass.First up – summer jams!Related imageWe've done the debating and the research so you don't have to – what we're left with this class compilation of hits that no summer is complete without.Daniel For some reason summer time and warm weather always makes me think of pop/punk. It's probably something to do with being what kids in trackie bottoms called a “hippie” in the early noughties. So when the sun's out and I'm driving around I'll get some Good Charlotte playing and imagine I'm back on a skateboard rather than in my trusty VW Golf. My favourite song is probably “Girls & Boys”. Alternatively, seeing as we're talking jams, strawberry will do.Natalie The Lost Frequencies' 'Are You With Me' takes me straight back to a holidaying in Cyprus a few years ago. Myself and my friends had it on repeat for the entire trip, the skies weren't Mexican, but there was plenty of dancing and plenty of Margaritas.Charlotte Beyoncé's Hold Up because I associate the whole Lemonade album with summer. I remember listening to this song particular while moving home from sunny London to a surprisingly equally sunny Belfast. I was also lucky enough to see Beyoncé perform in Croke Park last July in the blazing sun with my sisters. It was my younger sister's first time seeing her live; we were all so excited and the atmosphere was amazing. Unforgettable summer and an unforgettable tune.Karen Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff's 'Summertime' is the perfect mix of chill and nostalgia and takes me right back to the (occasionally sunny) summers at the start of the noughties. Back then, the slightest hint of sunshine on a weekend had the 'yoof' of the day descend on either 'The Port' or Newcastle to cruise 'the strip' in their cars pumping out tunes as if we were in California.Anna I feel like I waited my whole life for the Future Sex Love Sounds album and when it released I remember driving around in my little jeep with the windows down listening to 'Summer Love' on repeat. A little bit of Mr JT on the airwaves is all anyone really needs on a summer's day.GG I wrestle with this question, probably more than The Rock has ever wrestled…..ever. Shaggy, will probably be anointed for his contribution to summer hits. Sure he just makes you believe you've a bit of Jamaican in you. Janet and J-Lo equally own their place on summer lists and I haven't even mentioned 50 Cent or Blink 182. But, I'm going to narrow it down and award Kylie Minogue's entire 'Enjoy Yourself' album the prize. It was released the year I was born but I was still addicted six years later. I remember it being my tape, yes tape of choice for my Walkman every summer holiday and summer trip. Spoiler alert, skip to 'Hand on Your Heart' for the best summer feels.Stay tuned to us here for more from the Clearbox Summer Sessions.

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