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30. 05. 2019

You may have read in today's papers that we have made a £50K investment into employee mental health. Want to find out more? Here's a bit about our investment into employment wellbeing...

Clearbox, has become the first agency in the world to create a dedicated in-house yoga studio following a £50k investment in employee wellness in 2019.

The self-funded investment includes a number of programmes and practices designed to empower employees by providing access to self-care programmes, aimed at improving physical and mental wellbeing. As well as a drive towards physical wellbeing, the investment includes a custom partnership with a BACP approved therapist to offer a programme of counselling and life management sessions.

The newly created yoga studio, which boasts full length landscape wall art created by local artist, Stephen Whalley, doubles as a meditation room and provides a quiet space where the team can practice meditation or take some time away, as and when required.

Clearbox has also appointed a Spirit Ambassador, responsible for overseeing the implementation of ‘Team Spirit’ across the agency with fun events, weekly team meetings and ensuring the staff are rewarded with regular treats and surprises.

Anna Morris, Head of Excellence, said:

“We believe happy people create great work and we’ve spent years perfecting our custom ‘Smells Like Team Spirit’ strategy which is geared towards making sure Clearbox is the best possible place to work for diverse, curious, creative and passionate people. People worldwide are taking steps to change the way they live, work and think so it’s important for us to create an environment that supports our team’s health and wellbeing - both in and outside of the office.

“We’re proud that Clearbox is leading the way by becoming the world’s first PR agency to open a dedicated in-house yoga studio. We’re lucky to be working with incredible clients, and in order to deliver the highest possible standard of work, it’s imperative that we invest and support our team in any way we can, which is why we invested a considerable percentage of our profits back into our company and our team.”

Pretty cool, eh? For more on our Smells Like Team Spirit culture head over here.

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