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Clearbox Weekly 25th April 2014

25. 04. 2014
Greetings ladies and gents. Welcome to this week's Clearbox Weekly, which is being powered by the leftover Easter eggs we've been eating since Easter Sunday. Have a great weekend!Clearbox stuffOn Thursday night, we went to the first ever Belfast Jam networking event. An occasion that described itself as 'networking without any of the usual stuffy nonsense', it certainly didn't disappoint. You can check out the information from the event here - we're already looking forward to the next one.Back in the office, we designed a cycling infographic for Jyrobike to accompany research from the company that found 14 million Brits haven't been on a bicycle since childhood. If you'd like to have a look, head on over here.Finally, pizza perfectionists Little Wing brightened up our week when we spied them putting the new signage on their latest restaurant in Holywood. It's due to open in May - we're looking forward to that one…Stuff we've seen & loved#myNYPD - the latest campaign from New York's Police Department - backfired spectacularly this week after twitter users hijacked the hashtag.People who've been on the wrong side of the law quickly made their feelings heard by tweeting unflattering images of supposed police brutality, using the same hashtag. The result is lots of retweets for unsavoury images, and not so many for nicer ones. Better luck next time guys.Poor old David Moyes. On the brink of losing his job for the last few months, the Manchester United manager's return to former club Everton saw bookie Paddy Power send a Grim Reaper into Goodison Park to sit behind the dugout. The stunt didn't end well for anyone - the Reaper was thrown out of the ground and Moyes lost his job a few days later.Last but not least, a massive congratulations to Flybe for its announcement this week of a new route from Belfast City Airport to London City. Perfect for financial workers and sports fans alike, the new route will help the people of Northern Ireland get into the centre of London quicker than ever. Oh, and hopefully it'll encourage a few more Londoners to come over here!We'll be back same time, same place next week. Until then…

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