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Clearbox Weekly 2nd May 2014

02. 05. 2014
This edition of the Clearbox Weekly is a little shorter than usual but we're sure you'll enjoy it as much as always. Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend!This week's 'stuff we've seen and loved' covers bananas, beer and the London Underground…The week got off to a sour note when Barcelona and Brazil star Dani Alves was racially abused during a game in Spain, when a supporter in the crowd threw a banana at him.An inspired Alves picked up the banana, peeled it and ate it. The act of defying racism sparked a social media campaign led by footballers and fans alike, who tweeted their #bananaselfies in support of Alves. Brilliant stuff.If you've ever worked in the drinks trade, you'll know all about the Portman Group, the UK alcohol industry standards group.Renegade brewer BrewDog, known for its controversial products and PR campaigns, fell foul of the watchdog this week when one of its products was shelved because it was deemed to encourage binge drinking and anti-social behaviour. As you can probably imagine, BrewDog didn't take the ruling lying down and issued this blistering statement/attack on the industry body.Finally, this week saw the latest in a long line of London Underground strikes hit the capital to leave millions of workers stranded on their way to and from work.Some quick thinking and a hijacking of #tubestrike on twitter helped Save the Children generate masses of online publicity to raise awareness of the on-gong problems in Syria, using the chat around the tube strike to drive its campaign.The charity created this 'service update' in the style of TFL's website to highlight our 'first world problems' - kudos to the comms team for this one!

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