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Clearbox Weekly Friday 13th June

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13. 06. 2014
Today's Clearbox Weekly comes to you at the end of another busy week for the Clearboxers. We're off out tonight to the Friday Night Mashup - if you're heading there after work then come over and say hi!We're now 10 days into Jyrobike's Kickstarter campaign and the total money raised now stands at a whopping $119,598. Coverage this week in key titles like Toy News, BikeBiz, U105 and Good Morning Britain has helped drive lots of traffic to the Kickstarter site, and with 20 days still to run, we're gearing up for more cool activity next week…In other Clearbox news, we're now recruiting for a Junior Account Executive. If you're a PR student looking for a summer placement or you just want to get some more experience in PR, then give us a shout via the website, twitter or the phone on 02895 622600.Outside the walls of Clearbox Towers, this week's news has seen London brought to a standstill in the ultimate PR backfire, while our favourite bookie fell foul of environmentalists for a few days before winning them back in style:London cabbie stunt backfires - a new taxi app, UBER, hit the headlines and trended on twitter this week without having to lift a finger.The app, which allows people to book taxis and calculate fares in London (and other cities), enraged Black Taxi drivers because they argued only their cars are legally allowed to calculate fares and UBER poses a serious threat to their livelihoods because of potential cost savings for customers using other cars. Cab drivers responded to the launch by creating a 10,000 Black Cab blockade in the streets of London but, rather than highlight their own cause, they helped UBER enjoy a 850% increase in downloads. Whoops!Paddy Power used deforestation in Brazil as the theme of a clever campaign to highlight issues facing the country's environment, while also driving lots of traffic to their own website and social media accounts.Earlier in the week, they 'leaked' this image which appears to show thousands of tress felled to spell out a good luck message to England ahead of the World Cup. After lots of outrage on social media and accusations of a 'stunt gone too far', the bookie released this information to raise awareness of deforestation. Well played, as always, Paddy.That's your lot for this week, ladies and gents. See you next week - same time, same place. Have a great weekend.PS: tomorrow is World Gin Day. You know what to do!

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