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Conference Craic

30. 09. 2016

While Anna was galavanting round London for the annual PRCA conference at BAFTA last week, I found myself in the much more glamorous setting of the Merchant Hotel in Belfast for the CIPR's #CommsPRDigital Conference.

The event, organised by a couple of the brilliant members of the CIPR committee in Northern Ireland, brought a number of super high-profile speakers to the city from across the UK and Ireland to chat about all things communications.

We had the former press secretary to the Queen, Dickie Arbiter, Team GB's director of comms Scott Field and Ryanair PR supremo, Robin Kiely all offering an interesting view on the industry and how they each deal with opportunities, crisis and so on.

Other speakers at the event included Martyn Rosney from Edelman in Dublin, CIPR UK President Elect candidate and Loughborough Uni's Emma Leech and John Carroll from the PRII who all spoke expertly about ethics, social campaigns and the Irish media landscape.

The speakers were great, the Q&A session at the end sparked some good chat and the craic in the room was top notch. Big congratulations to the team on the CIPR committee who organise the event - Samantha Livingstone, Sinead Doyle, Nicola Bothwell and Chris Pollock. Top work, lads.

Oh, before I shoot off and hit the bun counter in Skinners ahead of another frustrating Arsenal performance in Europe, I thought I'd leave you with some of the best quotes and stories from the day.


“Content marketing is like a first date. If all you do is talk about yourself, there won't be a second date.” Well played, Emma Leech!

“Know and understand your audiences. My idea of what might be cool might be dad dancing!” Emma again with a belter.

Ryanair's Robin Kiely on his top tip for success in PR: “You HAVE to get out there and meet journalists. Even if they write bad things about you.”

"Today, the urge to comment quickly is heightened by social media. Keeping calm under pressure is vital” said Scott Field from Team GB.


Robin from Ryanair told us about the company's famous Brexit-themed marketing stunt.

If you're not familiar with it, Ryanair offered low fares for customers to 'fly home and vote remain' during the build up to the EU referendum. As if that wasn't a good enough reason to chuckle, it annoyed the Leavers so much that they complained to the police, which resulted in even more press coverage for Ryanair. Top trolling!

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