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Connecting Holywood

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13. 08. 2020

We've worked on many cool things during the lockdown, thanks to our supportive and brilliant clients. One of the projects we're particularly fond of is something we created with the great people at 3EN.

We teamed up with the team at 3EN to deliver Holywood Connects, a free, online directory designed to connect local vulnerable people in need with organisations and groups that can support them during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Holywood Connects is a charity project led by Holywood Shared Town, and we were thrilled to work with the fantastic Tim Kerr and John Woods to deliver the project.

The website was set up to provide a valuable asset during the lockdown, connecting individuals with helpful resources locally online following research undertaken by Holywood Shared Town among businesses, groups and organisations in the community. The survey revealed a need for a one-stop shop of information on services that are available to people in need and Holywood Connects was born.

In addition to the launch of the website, Holywood Shared Town partnered with local call centre mplContact to offer a free helpline for people who have limited or no internet access.

The local Holywood community has always supported us, and we felt it incredibly important to do whatever we could during a time of need. We’d like to thank both 3EN Group Ltd and Holywood Shared Town for their efforts in delivering the project efficiently, and we hope that this will prove a valuable resource in the town.

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