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Dani's Desert Island Discs

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11. 08. 2016

We're back on the Clearbox desert island and this week, Dani is picking the tunes. Probably the most eclectic mix of songs you'll see from any of the team, Dani's gone for a real mix of pop hits, classic tunes and essential 70's glam rock.

Let's dive in and find out what she was dancing to in her student days, how she gets the team going in the office and what makes her think of her time in Canada. Oh, there's a musical number in here too, and it's a belter.

Over to you, Danielle...

Coldplay - Fix You

I was 22 years old, living in Sydney and unsure what direction my life was going in. Dramatic, I know. I was lying in my bed one evening and this song came on my iPod. At the time I thought the lyrics had been written for me (I did say I was dramatic). The line 'lights will guide you home' helped me make the decision to move back to Belfast after five years away and kick start my adult life. I think on the desert island this song would give me hope that I wouldn't be cast away forever.

T. Rex - I Love to Boogie

I love this song because it makes me think of my mum and two little sisters. We used to spend the summers visiting family in Scotland and France, and we always travelled by car. We would play this on repeat and (very badly) sing our hearts out and have a little dance. Every time I hear it, it makes me smile.

Simon and Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Waters

And this one for my superhero. Dad.

Fatman Scoop - Be Faithful

This had to be on the list. It reminds me of my university days in Glasgow and too many brilliant nights in the Hive (our student union) where we drank triple vodka, lime and lemonade for £1.50, laughed until we cried and made our way home with a cheesy chip in hand.

Katy Perry - Roar

This song is one which I just love. No other reason for including it. I always turn it up very loud.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - Can't Hold Us

Four minutes and eighteen seconds of uplifting beats. This takes me back to the end of my two years living in Vancouver. One chapter of my life was closing and I was readying myself for the next. Many of the special people I had met in Canada were doing the same and my friend posted this on Facebook tagging us all saying that although our adventures were coming to an end, we all had many more great things to look forward to. This song always makes me smile.

From the musical 'Annie' - Tomorrow

I absolutely adore musicals and my fantasy dream job would be to star in one. Thankfully for the world, I'm not a particularly good singer, dancer or actress. Annie is one of my favourite musicals and this song just makes me think of my childhood. I'd belt this out every day on the desert island without having to worry about bursting anyone's eardrums.

Nicki Minaj - Anaconda

At Clearbox we have a few go to songs for when we're having a bit of a tough day and just want to a few moments of respite. This is an absolute tune.

Honourable mentions: Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance with Somebody for being my go to karaoke tune, Love Inc - You're a Superstar for always getting me on the dance floor and Basement Jaxx - Oh My Gosh for being the best concert I ever attended.

If you'd like to treat your ears to some of Dani's playlist, you can listen to it here.

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