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Clearbox's Dream Brand Collabs

02. 05. 2023

One woman who is guaranteed to receive the "I love those. Where'd you get them?" question is our very own Nora Brennan. Nora loves fashion brands and is sure to be first in line for a trending product, which led her to asking the team what our dream brand collabs would be. We've got an interesting mix to say the least. Nora, take it away!

When it comes to brand collabs, we all have a few ideas of brands we think would absolutely hit it off. Regardless of the industry you work in and whether or not you’ve ever been involved in a brand campaign of any kind, I’m sure you’ve still had your favourites!

Primark’s collab with fast-food chain Greggs was certainly up there with things I never thought I’d see in my lifetime, but at the end of the day it’s these brand collaborations that get people talking – they create a real buzz on social media and extend the reach of both brands to potential new customers.

Does the hype really work? I think so. Unexpected brand collabs are a huge win for both parties. These collabs open each brand to new audiences who may not have considered their products or viewed their content previously, while building on the already existing relationships they have with their existing fanbase.

There have been plenty of class collabs recently – Lego X Stranger Things, Balmain X Barbie, Adidas V Gucci and the previously mentioned infamous Primark X Gregg’s extravaganza.

In an attempt to explore the coolest imaginable brand collabs, I’ve asked the Clearbox team for their take on a dream brand collaboration they would love to see in the future… the sky's the limit.

For me, it would have to be two of my favourite brands…

Carhartt X Djerf Avenue

Matilda Djerf’s style is unmatched. If you don’t follow her, I’d suggest you get on that asap, she is an icon. I want every single item on the Djerf Avenue website, and at the end of the day it’s hard to beat a Carhartt fleece.

Realistically, I just want a fleece in the iconic Djerf Avenue berry print.

But hey, these brands go hand in hand style-wise, and a berry print fleece would be a 10/10 wardrobe staple.

Ben & Jerry’s X Nike

Caramel Chew Chew-themed Jordans, anyone?

Zoe would love to see popular ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s teaming up with global athletic giant Nike.

Could 2023 be the year no trip to PureGym is complete without a household favourite on the front of your hoodie? Jokes aside, this would be a brand collab that would surely get people talking. Probably two of the most loved brands in the world, together in caramel-drizzle glory.

If anyone from either company is reading this and considering making Zoe’s dream a reality, please consider featuring the dairy free ice cream within the range…if I can’t eat dairy, I probably shouldn’t be wearing it either.

Smirnoff X GK Barry

If you’ve ever seen GK barry on your TikTok FYP or listened to the iconic Saving Grace podcast then Jess thinks you’re in for a treat. GK Barry is the queen of chaos, swearing and a vodka cranberry!

That’s why Jess is counting down the seconds until Smirnoff gets her on board for a vodka cran collaboration. A delicious match made in heaven for 2023!

Colin Geddis X Carhartt

We’ve another Carhartt fan over here! Genuinely, it’d be a hard brand not to love. The more Carhartt is mentioned, the more I’m convincing myself I do need the dungarees I’ve been eyeing up.

Colin Geddis is a popular Northern Ireland stand-up comedian, and one of Ella’s absolute faves. Picture a Carhartt line designed by Colin – raise your hand if you’d wear it. Colin’s a fan of the brand, and while absolutely none of us know him personally, we do reckon he’d be all for this if offered.

Reckon you would get into Lavery’s Comedy Club for free if you turned up wearing something from the collab? Regardless, this would be very cool.

Keith Haring X Réalta

Hannah’s a big fan of UK-based jewellery brand Réalta, owned by Belfast-born Aoife Malone. The popular brand creates pieces that are 100% waterproof and tarnish-free - all Réalta pieces are thoughtfully hand-picked, with a timeless and contemporary (and just absolutely gorge) style.

American artist Keith Haring is known for his cute and quirky designs, and Hannah thinks a collab between Keith and Réalta would make for a fabulous piece of jewellery.

We’ve recently seen Keith’s artwork popping up in Primark, so don’t rule it out. We’re imagining the potential designs in our heads, and they all look fantastic.

Mob X any restaurant near Amy

Mob is a popular food media platform providing tips and recipes for meals that are way tastier than they should be considering how easy and affordable they are. The Mob team wants to help students and young professionals feel comfortable in the kitchen and make quality meals along the way.

How about a cooking class with Mob, hosted at a local restaurant? Sounds class!

Petition to get Mob to Portadown asap…(we’ll make do with Belfast too, but I’ve heard through the grapevine that Portadown is better)

There really is no limit to what companies from completely different industries can team up together and achieve – you’ll know exactly what we mean if you’ve ever experienced the excitement that comes hand in hand with finding out two brands you love are collaborating.

Brand collabs will create increased recognition and profitability for both brands, generating more resources for and knowledge of the overall campaign.

Closing us out with the sincere hope someone from one of the above brands reads this and decides our ideas would make for a flawless collab soon.

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