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Eating our way around Belfast

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21. 11. 2023

We are good grubbers at Clearbox and appreciate a tasty lunch when we see it. When we’re trying to be good and stay away from our friends at Trademarket, you can guarantee we’re all drooling over whatever the queen of recipes has brought in…Mrs Amy Winter.

Lunchtime is filled with a non-judgemental assessment of everybody’s lunch choices as you enter the kitchen, followed by a harmony of ooos and mmms as we either dig in or admire somebody else’s dish.

So, I guess you could call us foodies and we’ve hit up quite a few local Belfast hotspots for our team lunch outings - let’s see what everyone’s favourites are...

Coming in on top with a total of FOUR votes we have Snax in the city - a true Clearbox fan favourite and unsurprisingly so, we’re all in our hearty, fall food era and their soup selection never disappoints. Let’s see what some of the team had to say about Snax:


“Good, homemade, wholesome food! I got a burrito, but I’ve heard the stew is banging.”


“Their broccoli, cauliflower and cream cheese soup - I have dreams about eating that again.”


“I’m going to have to agree with Lauren, it’s unbeatable, as is their tomato soup.”


“Despite my affinity for Centra…(Gemma is guaranteed to be in the deli line at 8:15am for two sausages) It has to be the Snax stew - it's unbeatable!”

A close second has to be the saucy, flavoursome burgers in Baps - coming in with a total of THREE votes. We all have a lot to say about burgers and can be quite opinionated, but it’s always only raving reviews on this one. Let’s see what the voters had to say…


“My absolute favourite has to be the Baps ‘classic’ burger. Since spicy food is a big no for me, I will always opt for a ‘classic’ on any food item but this burger is especially DELICIOUS! Also 10/10 vibes at Trademarket, as always.”


“Same as Hannah - Baps - 10/10”


“I have to agree with Hannah and Alex, the Baps buffalo burger was next level. I may have had buffalo sauce across my face for the rest of the day but definitely worth it.”

Now for some other choices from other members of the team - but equally as delicious:


Kamakura all day every day, ramen or the chicken sushi. Also strong contender is the Baps buffalo chicken burger”


Smash Bros cheese burger - the perfect ratio of bap to burger and the cheese was perfection.”


Wing It for when I’m not drinking Huel. An assortment of wing flavours but always the chilli chips. Honourable mention to the Nando’s kids menu.”


Zeus gyros has to be up there for me - carb on carb with those chips in the pita bread…divine!!”


Clearbox is trying to eat its way around Belfast, so although we have our favourites, we are open to all recommendations. Hit us up.

Daily debate in the office….should we start a food blog? I think so.

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