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Every day's a school day

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19. 01. 2018

As part of our ‘Box to the Future’ programme, we welcome work placement students to the agency on a regular basis from local schools, colleges and universities.

This week, we’ve been visited by the two Katies from Glenlola Collegiate in Bangor. We couldn’t let them leave without writing a blog post, so without further ado, we’ll hand over to them. Thanks for coming in this week girls!

Work Experience. The short-term experience of employment to give you a taste of what the working world is like. For some, it’s the most dreaded week of their life, but we took full advantage of it to involve and immerse ourselves in Clearbox and all the fun things that go on here. We waved our initial anxieties goodbye as the team welcomed us with warm smiles and an even warmer cup of tea.

Starting the week off with a BANG

Train journeys every day make us feel zen and independent - headphones in, world out…until someone awkwardly stands staring at you as a gesture to sit beside you. The walk from the train station to the office in icy conditions is definitely not a stroll in the park, it’s actually more like a slip and fall on your back side beside the busy main road with traffic stopped and drivers staring at you. Nice one KT Mac :)

On the hour, every hour

The team at Clearbox love a good cuppa. It wasn't long after arriving that we were turned to the dark side and became ADDICTED to tea. Considering we’d both always been late to the tea party and the hatter was never happy, we have drunk a substantial amount - 5-6 cups a day. Do you think we can make it to 10 a day by the end of the week? Okay maybe thats not healthy, let’s say 8…

Becoming the Picasso of PR

Innovation is key! We got to get creative and write our own tweets. We tweet on the regular and so this was cool to pretend we were tweeting for a big brand which would get a lot of response from its thousands of followers.

Feeling like an insider on exciting projects and releases is a bonus as you get to hear about the latest products and services in the making before anyone else. We had the chance to write a mock press release, this gave us a taste of what being in the know really feels like when you’re working with brands like Amazon, Bushmills and Sony.

Joining the FBI

We got the opportunity to use our super stalking skills on Vuelio, which is an online database of journalists and publications, to find influencers’ contact details to be added to the media list for clients. Who knew a little bit of insta stalking every now and again would come in so handy?!

Adapting from day to day

What a fun week! Everyone in the team was so welcoming and we got to know each individual’s interesting personalities and of course about their love of chocolate treats. We were able to see what really happens in the world of PR, and it’s even more fun than we thought it would be! You're doing something different every day and for two girls who get bored quite easily, this is a gift which makes every day a thrill.

Thank you Clearbox for having us, and thanks for the endless supply of tea!

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