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Executing exciting & engaging events

01. 12. 2022

We love events at Clearbox. If you’re planning an event, or thinking about planning an event for something new, then Jess on our team has some handy tips for making it a success. As with everything in this agency, one of these tips involves food. Take it away, Jessica!

This is your first impression. Whether it be to showcase the launch of your start-up business, the launch of a new brand campaign or product. This will be your target audience’s first glimpse into what’s in store, so let’s explore a few tips and tricks to help it go as smoothly as possible.

First things first - Let’s set a benchmark for the event…

What is your main goal?

Do you want 500 guests to attend your event? Sell 200 products from your launch? Or have a certain number of guests use the company hashtag on social media? Understanding what you want to gain from the event is crucial. Ensure that your team takes the time to brainstorm and decide on what is most important - you must be clear on what aspects you wish to track during the event to make it successful.

After the main goals have been established, it’s time to bring the vision to life…

The design of the event should reflect your company’s personality…does your company identify with minimalism, boldness, trendiness? To showcase your personality through the event design, you must pick a suitable venue and style it accordingly.

If it was a Clearbox event - we’d go for bold, bright colours to match our branding (and the personalities of the team, of course). Your company may identify more with an aesthetic minimalist approach, or glitter and glamour styling. Whatever the preference, it’s great to showcase your company through your design set up - your social media managers will love you for this.

Next, let’s move onto a massive factor that will boost your event…

There is no doubt in my mind that my fellow foodies…I mean colleagues, will agree with me when I say that an event is nothing without a wee nibble.

Organise a food truck to attend the event or have some finger food roaming around. If there are chicken goujons and chips, I have someone that is guaranteed to attend your event – our very own Zoe Kerr…

Now, onto the biggest and best way to spread the word about your shindig…

Make sure your socials are getting the attention they need before, during and after the event. Drop more than a few sneak peeks in the lead up, for example, a 10 second video alluding to a guest speaker or share a video showcasing a previous event the company has hosted.

Here at Clearbox, we love a sneak peek. Whether that be to announce a new business venture, new clients, or glimpse at our brand-new office in Belfast. Check out our Instagram to see what we’re talking about.

Your social media presence is the key to getting a great turn out for your event. Give a sneak peek here and there to build excitement.

The public will want to know who was there, was there entertainment, what was on the menu, was there a DJ, cocktails, any collaboration with big brand names? So, make sure you are on top of your game with updating social media channels and getting that all important content!

Another top tip from the Clearbox team is to give something back to the community…

Showcase your corporate social responsibility. Raise funds through raffle ticket sales to support local charities or invite your favourite local businesses to set up a stall and promote their goods. It is a fantastic idea to use this exposure for the greater good.

On to our final event tip from the Clearbox team, but don’t worry, there’s plenty more where that came from…

Hire a professional photographer and/or videographer to capture all those candid moments. They’ll capture amazing pictures that will do your event justice, and they will be a great tool to use when hosting other company events – show the public something they won’t want to miss!

Now go have fun and smash your PR event!

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