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Five things Natalie discovered at the Dublin Tech Summit

Natalie DTS
18. 04. 2018

In this crazy industry we call Communications, every day is a school day, so we packed Natalie off to the Dublin Tech Summit for some inspo, courtesy of some of the biggest leaders in technology and innovation. Want to find out what she learnt? Here are her five key learnings…

  1. Digital transformation doesn’t discriminate

Lawrence Buchanan, Advisory Digital Leader for EY, explained how digital transformation is impacting every industry in ways we can’t avoid. That means us in PR too. For example, advancements in autonomous vehicles have knock-on affect for insurance companies and by extension the PR agency that represents them if a crisis were to occur. We need to be technology-literate, understanding how technology impacts our clients so we’re prepared to handle any issues.

2. We have to stop “doing” digital and start “being” digital

Paul Walsh, Global Innovation for Visa, explained that the new norm is disruption through innovation. By 2021 there will be over 21 billion connected devices - that’s pretty crazy. Our campaigns have to reflect the movement towards ultra connectivity, what it means for media consumption and how we reach target audiences.

3. Innovate, innovate, innovate

The dish of the day was innovation, but what does it really mean? Kevin Mako, CEO at Mako Design, filled us in with all the details. This included his four pillars of innovation: innovation needs policy, innovation is incremental, innovation is science and innovation is thinking BIG. We should try to innovate relentlessly, knowing that even when you fail, you’re winning because you’re learning. The idea is that we should dedicate 2% of our time solely to trying to be innovative, switching off and letting the creative juices flow. Who knows what we’ll come up with!

4. Reach for the stars

Quite literally, as this one came to us from Jordan Evans, Deputy Director of Science and Engineering at NASA. Jordan taught us that we shouldn’t be afraid to “Dare Mighty Things.” In the world of PR that doesn’t mean we need to put anything on the moon, but it does mean we should be thinking of big ideas that will have big impact.

5.Stay true to good content

Despite the ever-expanding world of amazing technology, it’s good old-fashioned story telling that really drives success. We picked this one up from YouTuber Casey Neistat, who spoke to us about how he built his empire on the back of great content that he loved making. There is no replacement for content that’s interesting and engaging, even if the platforms we use to promote it are constantly changing.

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