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Hello Hannah!

20. 04. 2022

It's time to meet another new member of our team and next up, it's Hannah. She loves dogs, drawing, decent food and much, much more. We're so pleased she's joined our team - read all about her!

Hey guys!

I’m Hannah and I am the newest PR Account Executive at Clearbox!

Born and bred in lovely Lurgan, I had absolutely no clue what direction I wanted to take my future career in when leaving school. Having worked in hospitality from the age of 16, I knew that I was most definitely a people-person and working in a fast-paced environment was where I thrived – therefore, I commenced my studies at Ulster University in International Hospitality Management. Ironically, whilst studying I then discovered that hospitality was NOT the route for me and was instead drawn to events, marketing and PR modules… fast forward nearly five years and a degree later and here I am!

If I had to describe myself professionally, I would say that I am a very creative person with a keen eye for detail and a strong work ethic and I am always willing to give anything a go. I love social media, especially TikTok as this coincides with my light-hearted nature and fun sense of humour. I am a firm believer that you should not take life too seriously – what is the point? Enjoy every day and have a giggle while you’re at it. In saying this, my rational and logical traits, alongside my (sometimes annoying) need for perfection, often come out to ensure that I do not run too wild with my creative side.

Outside of work, something that I am truly passionate about are dogs – especially my own lab-retriever Monty (he’s such a good boy). Having had dogs since day dot almost 23 years ago, I can confirm that I will never be without one - because what’s life without a dog, right?

I also adore travelling and exploring new places and cultures, and I am a self-proclaimed sunworshipper (even though my Irish skin does not agree). I love all things fashion too and thoroughly enjoy a shopping spree - although my bank account does not.

Something that many do not know about me is that I love to draw portraits and I’m pretty good at it too (if I do say so myself). A night of drawing and watching ‘Friends’ with a cuppa and some chocolate is my idea of a perfect night in. In saying this, I am a very sociable person and do spend a large chunk (too much) of my income on eating out – I simply cannot turn down a yummy lunch, dinner or even a coffee out of the house.

It's safe to say that I am ‘buzzing’ (it’s the Lurgan girl in me) to begin my journey at Clearbox and cannot wait to expand my knowledge and skills through working as a part of the Clearbox team.

From the blog

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