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Here We Grow Again

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05. 05. 2017
As Miley Cyrus Notorious B.I.G. said, 'We won't stop, cause we can't stop.'This month we have welcomed three new team members into the rapidly expanding team at Clearbox. Don't worry, all the old favourites are still with us. (Dani is still investing in pineapple-inspired stationery and John is still hoping that Arsenal will start playing some proper football one day...)'How will we fit everyone in?!' we hear you ask. Well, it was all getting a bit squished up in here so we built some shiny new office space too. You could say it has been a busy month.Now that we've all settled at our new desks and have a bit of breathing room, we thought it was high time we introduced our new starting lineup. So, in true Clearbox style, we've asked our new friends to bare all so we can plaster it online. Expect reindeer, David Guetta and line dancing …#AnnounceKaren PR DirectorWhat brought you to Clearbox? Aside from the opportunity to advance my career, it was the chance to work with some amazing brands across the UK and Ireland, and, of course, a fun bunch of colleagues.Tell us about your role at Clearbox? Is there something in particular you are really excited to work on? I have come on board the expanding Clearbox team as PR Director. In the couple of days since I've started I've been getting up to speed on the Amazon and Proximo accounts. Although the communications remit on each is totally different, I have found both thrilling to work on.Best thing about Holywood? For me, as a coffee fanatic, it has to be abundance of coffee shops.What's the last book you read? I wish it was the one before last, Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall, which was more highbrow, but alas it was a beach read I loaned from my sister for a recent holiday - RSVP by Helen Warner.What caught my eye about this book was that it was the author's first book and at the time when it was originally published she was Head of Daytime TV for Channel 4, where I'm sure she'd have had access to plenty of inspirational material.Have you got a hidden talent? I'll admit that I'm a closet line dancing fan!You're always saying… “Ok, cool.” Yes, I know it's not 'cool' to say 'cool' unless you're from an inner city in the USA but I blame growing up with 80s TV shows for ingraining it in my brain.Tell us a fun fact about yourself… I have performed on the Waterfront Hall stage, albeit as part of an amateur singing, acting and dancing festival, but I have been known to tread the boards none the less.What's your future goal? The following Rob Hill Sr quote sums it up: “My goal is to build a life I don't need a vacation from!”At Clearbox you get the opportunity to be the DJ. What's your go-to tune? Love Inc – You're a Superstar. Such motivational lyrics!#AnnounceFreddie PR ExecutiveWhat brought you to Clearbox? The unique opportunity to work in a young, cool, expanding agency with exciting clients, and learn from a fantastic team who will (hopefully) share their collective PR wisdom with me.Tell us about your role at Clearbox? Is there something in particular you are really excited to work on? My role at Clearbox is so varied - and that's exactly why I love it! I'm at the very start of, what will hopefully be, a long and successful career in PR so I'm loving the variety of experience that my new role, and new work family, allow me to have. I'm particularly excited to work on the Bushmills #AnswerTheCall campaign.Best thing about Holywood? Homebird Cafe and the chance to take in the stunning sea views every evening before hopping on the train home.What's the last book you read? Orphan X, Gregg Hurwitz. A fantastic read!Have you got a hidden talent? Probably singing.You're always saying… 'OMG' at the start of the vast majority of my sentences - most of which aren't even remotely shocking.Tell us a fun fact about yourself… I have two pet reindeer at my family home in Gloucestershire called Dancer and Blitzen.What's your future goal? One day I'd love to run my own PR agency. We can all dream, can't we?At Clearbox you get the opportunity to be the DJ. What's your go-to tune? Paris - The Chainsmokers (I'm currently obsessed)!#AnnounceNatalie PR AssistantWhat brought you to Clearbox? Clearbox appealed to me because of the creative opportunities it offered and the promise of an amazing team to work with. Fresh out of uni, I'm ready to do something completely different and exciting. Clearbox ticked all of those boxes. The chance to work with their impressive client list was something I didn't want to miss. I'm really excited to get working on Amazon-related things, and also hopefully dabble in the Bushmills campaign which EVERYONE is talking about.Tell us about your role at Clearbox. Is there anything you're really excited to start working on? As a PR Assistant, my role is pretty varied. I can get involved in everything and anything in the office. No day is the same and that's why I like it. I've spent most of my time working on Amazon tasks, helping with media pitches and selling stories across regional media. I've also enjoyed brainstorming ideas for upcoming projects for clients such as Morelli's. Keeping with the weird and wonderful world of PR, I've had to track down a range of wacky event props and keep on top of developments in the ice cream industry.Best thing about Holywood? Probably the malteaser buns from Knott's Bakery, it's just around the corner and they are seriously amazing.What's the last book you read? It's been a while since I had the chance to read a book that wasn't related to uni. I think the last one I properly loved was the Girl on the Train. I love a dark thriller, the film adaption was good too (the book was still miles better).Have you got a hidden talent? All I'm saying is you're looking at the champion of the Blackpool Pontin's 2003 Freestyle dance competition… My granny still has the newspaper cut out to prove it (believe me I've tried to destroy it).You're always saying… Diet starts tomorrow.Tell us a fun fact about yourself… I'm a real foodie. But I've always loved baking, it's my go-to stress relief. Come exam time, my whole house always smells of cake.What's your future goal? To be happy and successful, both within Clearbox and in life. I'd also love to travel and see as much of the world as I physically can.At Clearbox you get the opportunity to be the DJ. What's your go-to tune? Either anything by Queen (Killer Queen is a particular favourite), or 'Love is Gone' by David Guetta.

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