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30. 01. 2020

A day in the life of the Clearbox events team

At Clearbox, we’re very proud of the broad variety of work that we do with our clients. One aspect of this is creating and hosting amazing events that engage with the public and get people talking.

In 2019, our events team was busier than ever, working with Bushmills Irish Whiskey to host over 20 different events across the country.

Ever wondered what the process of running one of events in Dublin looks like? Here’s how the team produces ones of our favourite Bushmills events, Black Bush Stories… hold our clipboards.

The day before

’Twas the day before Black Bush Stories, and all through the office…

The day before an event is always a very busy one - we’re double and triple checking everything to ensure we have covered all bases, and are pulling together the event kit so that we’re ready to rock in less than 24 hours’ time. There’s a hint of “calm before the storm” about the place because we’re patiently waiting to to see our event come to life after months of planning. Finalising guest lists, looping in with photographers, videographers and event hosts to ensure they are happy with their briefs, and doing a final run through with our own team all takes place in the day or two before an event - planned right down to the very last detail.

Event Day

09:00 Set off from the Clearbox office, en route to our venue in Dublin. The cars are loaded with the event kit and our GPS is on. We’re ready to do this!

11:00 Arrive at venue to unload event kit. This is a team effort by all accounts, where it’s all hands on deck to unload the cars and get everything into the venue.

It turns out that you don’t know your own strength until you’ve had to roll a full sized wooden whiskey barrel into position - all in the name of creating the perfect atmosphere for our event!

13:00 Team lunch - events are hard work. We’re on our feet all day and we’re juggling a multitude of tasks and responsibilities. It’s important to eat well and drink plenty of water to stay on our game, so we always make sure to hit pause and give the team the fuel it needs… Nando’s. Naturally.

We also take this time to do a final run through of the event and ensure everyone knows what role they’ll have on the night, whether it’s managing guest lists, overseeing the event flow, managing and supporting the bar staff, or capturing social media content throughout the evening. It’s a busy day, so it’s important everyone understands their role to make sure everything runs smoothly.

14:00 Return to venue to begin set up. Event decor is very important in creating an atmosphere for attendees. The team begins to set the tables with individual tasting mats, Bushmills scented candles, individual takeaway gifts, and anything else they might need for the night.

16:00 Branded POS (point of sale) arrives. This is the glassware and branded decor for the events. We have to get all barrels in place, ensure all glassware is washed and polished and begin adding these to each individual place setting.

17:00 Our Bushmills Brand Ambassador, Lauren McMullan, arrives on site to begin helping with set up. Lauren works with the bar staff to ensure Bushmills drinks are perfectly prepared for the event, and helps us to set up each attendee’s tasting, pouring samples of each of the whiskeys for guests to sample.

18:00 Our collaborator arrives on site. They begin to set up their own workstation and review their script notes for the evening, ensuring they’re comfortable with the running order and set up of the event.

18:30 Our videographer and photographer arrive to begin documenting the evening, including pre-event set up. Our team helps to manage the required shot list throughout the event to ensure we capture everything we need to. This includes branded images, shots of the event cocktails, and nice candid imagery of attendees enjoying the event.

18:45 Our event host for the evening arrives. Our team sits down with them, the collaborator, and our Bushmills Brand Ambassador to run through the event and script and to make sure everyone is on the same page for the night ahead.

19:00 Final touches are added to ensure the event is customer ready. We usually like to do a final “walk through” of the event, putting ourselves in the place of the guests to ensure it’s perfect!

19:30 Show time! Event begins.

The morning after the night before

And breathe…

The events have been another great success, and the team returns to the office with the remaining event kit, sorting it back into storage and updating our inventory for next time.

We then wait for the event photography and video to come through. We issue social photography from the night to relevant media, and we begin to feed back to the client and pull together our final wrap report as the coverage starts to flow through.


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