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22. 10. 2018

Clearbox Celebrates a Night of PR Excellence with Two Gold CIPR Awards!

Bubbles, Banter and Beauty – the perfect recipe for a great night, especially when that evening celebrates some exciting wins for the team at the 2018 CIPR Pride Awards. Boasting nine nominations across a wide range of categories, team Clearbox took home two Gold Awards for Regional Campaign of the Year and Best Event, and one Silver Award for Best Use of Social Media.

The team was over the moon to receive such an honour, especially from the best and brightest leaders in the PR industry. With non-stop cheers from table 19 at the five-star Culloden Estate & Spa outside Belfast, we were thrilled to add two CIPR Gold Awards to the Clearbox mantlepiece.

Clearbox’s BoxyMo team was honoured to win the Regional Campaign of the Year for our work on rewarding safe driving. According to this year’s judges:

“This was a very cost-effective campaign that delivered high levels of engagement amongst the target audiences. Clearbox’s excellent use of regional knowledge helped to drive home an important road safety message with the ultimate aim of changing behaviour and saving young lives. Impressive results in earned media coverage, high levels of social media interaction, and a clear return on investment for the client, made this entry stand out to the judges.”

Another great honour goes to the Bushmills Irish Whiskey team at Clearbox for winning Best Event for #AnswerTheCall. A refreshing, outside the box idea to promote Bushmills Irish Whiskey and creative culture across Northern Ireland, the judges praised the event, stating:

“Through clever collaboration with local artists, Clearbox delivered a series of quirky, imaginative events that clearly demonstrated Bushmills’ brand values and supported the delivery of a strong and compelling story for its target audience, tailored to the geography. The events element was clearly tied to research and objectives, with an impressive contribution to overall outputs and outcomes for the client.”

We were beaming from ear-to-ear on the following Monday as we shared stories from a fantastic evening with a great team. We love working with our clients and bringing life to cutting edge, creative campaigns that make a real impact. The awards were a fantastic opportunity to spread the word on some of the incredible work we do for our clients, all while celebrating a stellar team.

Great ideas come from great people, and at Clearbox, every member of the team plays an invaluable role in making us an imaginative, hard-working and, as proven by last Friday, a continuously award-winning agency. We look to another great year of PR excellence and look forward to seeing everyone again at the 2019 awards!

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