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If you’re happy and you know it

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22. 03. 2019

What brings joy to the Clearbox team? (excluding the obvious - tea and cake!) Our newbie Kerry has been blogging about the things in life that make us happy and joyous. Get it, gurrrl.

This week we celebrated International Day of Happiness and so it was only fitting for us to take some time to reflect on the things that make each of us at Clearbox truly happy.

Happiness can be found in the strangest of places and is unique to each and every one of us - we should recognise and appreciate the little things that brighten up our days. We all need to spend more time doing what we love, surrounded by those who make us smile, and we should dedicate ourselves to pursuing our own happiness - life is far too short to be miserable!

We can very easily slip into the habit of taking things for granted but it is important that we pay more attention to the people, places or things that bring us happiness and give them the credit and time they deserve.


For me it’s simple, it’s the people in my life that bring me all the happiness in the world. If I were to lose these special individuals I know I wouldn’t have as much to smile about on the daily. From my family, to my friends, to my new wonderful Clearbox team, there are so many people in my life that I value and that deserve to be celebrated not only on International Day of Happiness, but indeed all year round. Oh and food, coffee, travel, a beer garden in summer and the seaside.

Claire Hamilton

Writing about happiness has made me happy :) It is so important to take a second sometimes to reflect on the things in your life that bring you joy and spark happiness, so thank you Kerry for making this happen - it has made me happy :) The obvious come to mind, my husband Jack and memories of our wedding and thinking about the world we have created together, our dog Carrot and how she has grown into such a loving dog. My mom, dad, stepdad, sister and brother make me so unbelievably happy and thinking of times that I get to spend with them in NY. My family in Northern Ireland and our laughter across the dinner table over wine brings a smile to my face. My Clearbox family who support me everyday and help me grow professionally and personally. My best friends from home Amanda, Shaeda, Jen, Kalina, Mollie, Stacey, Morgan...(to name a few) give me so much happiness and keep me sane. Broadway songs and singing at the top of my lungs makes me the happiest in the world! And also myself - as weird as it sounds, I am happy with myself, I may be flawed but there is no one else in the world that I’d rather be :)


On Valentine’s Day this year, the world was graced with hope, love and sheer levels of cuteness in the form of my niece, Annie. Named after my Granny, Annie is my first niece, born at 6lbs 7 ounces. She has fiery red hair (with a wee curl in it) and, although she was small, her arms and legs are so long! She’s going to be a gangly beautiful wee ejit and I’m obsessed. Other than Annie, I’m happiest when playing with dogs, going on long walks and travelling.

Oh, and gin.

Claire Best

There are many things that make me feel happy and put a smile on my face. Number one has to be my children, even though they are the reason for my eye bags and empty bank account, they always make me smile, whether it be their latest rendition of Hakuna Matata or one of their whopping one liners, they are a constant source of joy!

What else? Chocolate seems like an obvious choice, but it’s true, eating it makes me happy. The sound of birds singing on an early Spring evening is another one, I love standing in my back garden just listening to them and often find myself smiling away :) When I find a parking space in a packed carpark. When my winged eye liner actually looks good (this is a rare one). Hugs from friends. When my husband comes home with wine. And fresh flowers.


Something that makes me happy from day-to-day is making sure I fit in little self-care moments every day. Whether that’s doing the New York Times mini crossword puzzle on my lunch break with Claire Hamilton, coming home and putting on a face mask, curling up to read, or catching up with my parents, I find taking these breaks (away from my phone!) really helps to keep everything in balance and allows me to re-focus. It’s all about taking time out to do the things you want to do, even if it’s just half an hour of your day.


Spending time with my kids, eating pizza, going to concerts and screaming at the top of my lungs, watching tv and eating crisps with my fiancé, taking long walks with my crazy dog, playing Scrabble with my dad, drinking wine with my gorgeous friends, cheering on my son from the sidelines at Saturday morning football, finding my grounding at yoga, bubble baths filled with Lush products, laughing until my sides hurt at Clearbox, seeing my eldest son on stage, going to watch cheesy 80s/90s rock tribute acts with my cousin, flowers that smell like spring, Chinese food, sunshine, snowboarding, long chats with my mum, cuddles with my cat, singing, travelling, writing, coffee and the great outdoors.

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