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In Fair Verona

16. 08. 2019

One of the things that we’re quite passionate about here at Clearbox is having the craic.

When you’re a Clearboxer, you get a party pot budget to organise a fun event for the rest of the team. The mix of past events is quite eclectic. We’ve thrown pots around a ceramics wheel a la Demi Moore (minus Swayze sadly), we’ve driven quad bikes, shot clay pigeons and created our own Big Fat Clearbox Quiz.

Recently, we were chatting in the office about films and it transpired that some of our team had never seen Romeo + Juliet. We were as shocked as I’m sure you are right now and we’re not sure how they made it through the recruitment process, to be honest.

With this in mind, two of the team clubbed their party pot budgets together and put on a Secret Cinema-style event to bring the heathens into the world of Fair Verona / Venice Beach / mad mind of Baz Luhrmann.

An amazing retro-style cinema was hired and the team was challenged with turning up for the film dressed as a character from the movie. We do love a bit of dress-up at Clearbox (just you wait for the Halloween blog) so it was the perfect combo. After a Shakespearean banquet at Claire Hamilton’s beautiful home, complete with a lorry load of Minstrels, popcorn and a jug of Juliet’s Poison, we set off for the movie.

We were absolutely blown away by the tiny cinema hidden in the Comber countryside, a real personal touch and so full of character. Our team has told us their favourite part of the night, read on to find out. And if you’ve ever wondered what Secret Cinema on a budget of £300 looks like, then have a gander at our social media channels and wonder no longer.

VICCI (Juliet #1)

My favourite moment had to be when we pulled up and saw ’THE CLEARBOX COMPANY’ lit up in cinematic lights (well nearly) and having all my lovely team mates around me to enjoy to the laughs!

CHARLOTTE (Montague #1)
My favourite Secret Cinema moment was when our final location, The Excelsior, was revealed!

Everyone was already excited to be in all of our get up that we had put way too much effort in to (thanks Mum!), and the Excelsior was the perfect setting to settle in to watch the movie. The building had our name in lights above the doorway as we arrived, a private screening room and the most amazing vintage decor.

It really added to the night and they couldn’t have been more welcoming!

Darryl’s (Leonardo DiCaprio’s) face said it all.

DARRYL (Romeo, obvs)

I really enjoyed hearing from our host Roy, about his passion project, the cinema, and seeing his joy at this motley crew coming to visit, dressed in full costume. He seemed to be delighted that we got so involved with the evening, and I really enjoyed seeing the cinema and all of the effort he had put in to decorating and setting up. Working in PR has given me an appreciation for people’s stories, and his was just fascinating.

ALEX (Juliet #2)

My favourite part of the Secret Cinema extravaganza was the movie itself. I’d never seen it before so, it was really exciting to see it for the first time in such a beautiful location! I loved to see it…

CLAIRE HAMILTON (Lady Capulet #1)

I love hosting so eating pizza outside in my garden with the team was an absolute highlight for me (minus the wasp that was out to get me).

KERRY (Montague #2)

My favourite moment from the secret cinema… does Darryl in a wig count? The owner of the cinema was the most lovely man and my favourite moment has to be seeing his face when we all arrived looking like characters straight out of the movie - shocked doesn’t cover it. We did look ridiculous to be fair.

BESTIE (Lady Capulet #2)

My favourite part of our evening was definitely discovering (for the first time) the beautiful Excelsior cinema - a real labour of love for it’s owner. From our name in lights, to the entrance hall, to the little bell you ring when you’re finished watching the movie so Roy can dander over from his house to hear all about it (and he genuinely want to know as he hadn’t seen the movie before). A very different and amazing experience!

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