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In My Day - Just Live A Little's Jill Crawford On Her Best Decade

26. 06. 2014
Jill Crawford, Co founder and Sales Director of Just live a Little Ltd, recently spoke to the Belfast Telegraph about her favourite decade. Jill picked the noughties, and here she explains why.What was your decade?The past decade has been the best time of my life.What was life like? Hectic! I moved to Portaferry eight years ago, got married, had two kids started my own business. The last decade has been really busy and lots of hard work but it's also the most fun I've ever had. I think the last ten years has been a great time to live in Northern Ireland - seeing great bars and restaurants open all over country and the buzz that it's brought with it.What Was I listening to?I've loved most of the music over the last decade. I've got a really eclectic taste in music - if anyone ever got their hands on my iPod, they might think I was a little bit crazy. In the last 10 years, I've listened to everything from classic jazz to London Grammar and some Marbella Sessions in between!The StyleLast year, I left the business world behind to start Just Live A Little with my husband David. I was working in a very corporate environment so the style was as you'd expect - lots of suits. More recently, my style has changed to a much more relaxed and causal feel - no more suits for me!What has changed?In the last decade, the biggest change for me has been how much more interested people are in their food, where it comes from and who makes it.As a nation, we're a lot more aware of food now - 10 years ago, I think people just did their weekly shop, bought things they liked and didn't think anything more of it. Personally speaking, I think it's a good thing that people are more interested in the journey of their food, and it's something I really enjoy being a part of.Outside the food world, technology has to be the biggest change in the last decade. Nobody had an iPhone 10 years ago, but now it's like everyone has one - I'm surgically attached to mine!Was it better back then? I don't think any time is better, they're just different. The last decade saw some of the toughest economic times we've ever experienced and I think that meant people just changed and adapted, so even though it was tough, I wouldn't say it was any better or worse than today.To find out more about Just Live A Little's range of luxurious homemade granola, visit the website at

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