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In My Day - That Protein's Darlene Mccormick On Her Favourite Decade

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23. 09. 2014
Darlene McCormick, Northern Ireland Businesswoman of the Year and a founder of That Protein Health Foods, spoke to the Belfast Telegraph about her favourite decade. Darlene picked the 1980's - here's why.In My DayOoh the eighties..those were the days! I was an undergraduate of Queens in the late eighties/early nineties and was having a ball living in Ridgeway Street in Stranmillis with a group of Uni friends.What was life like? A LOT of fun! Our biggest worry was funding our social lives (part time job in Tie Rack since you ask - I still remember the red uniform) and submitting course work on time!What were you listening to?Fleetwood Mac (still am), Def Leppard, Depeche Mode and any band that rocked up at the Student's Union claiming to be the next big thing!And the style?I loved the 80's look! Big backcombed hair (permed and long including the boys ), cropped tops (hopefully just the girls !), men's oversized jackets with the sleeves rolled up (bought by the boys, worn by the girls) DM boots (both)What has changed?Everything now is so accessible and instant and digital.When I was at Queens the Library was a big room full of actual books! Music was on vinyl and not only was there no email there was not even a fax machine in the office. In my first job at Harron Communications PR company there was a real live 'mail boy' (Mark) who sorted out a sackful of mail every morning and sent another out every evening. That was his full time job! I remember the day Diane Harron who was my first and most brilliant boss got a fax machine delivered. It was technically avant garde. We were all frightened of it and jumped when it started spewing paper! We used to call the "computer man" out to the office to help us find PRINT! (F2,F9 enter) The pace of change has been phenomenal in 20 years. I'm only in my mid forties and I sound ancient in this!What was better back then?From my perspective there was more quality time with quality people and less time spent behind a computer or tapping on an iPhone.

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