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Infiltrating Clearbox

07. 10. 2019

We've recently welcomed the two newest members of the team to the agency - Mollie and Amy. The dynamic duo joined our internship programme at the start of October and they wanted to write a few words about their first experience of PR a la Clearbox...

Nice to meet you; we’re Amy and Mollie!

Walking into the Clearbox office for the first time was surprisingly less terrifying than we were expecting. There were welcome signs on our desks, music playing over the speakers, and a chorus of “Hello, nice to meet you!”. It’s been a week since that day, and we think we’ve settled into the team pretty nicely (at least that how it seems from our perspective).

For our own benefit, and for yours, we’ve written down all of our first impressions of Clearbox, PR, and general working life for the recently graduated.

Firstly, we want to make a point of saying that everyone in the Clearbox office is absolutely lovely and 100% willing to help. We’ve finally come to the realisation that no one expects us to know how to do everything just yet and there’s genuinely no such thing as a silly question (a cliche, but a true one nonetheless).

Thankfully, we were given our own personalised Clearbox notebooks, because - as everyone here knows - writing everything down is essential. You may think the notes you’ve made about your day or tasks are mundane or pointless, but they will be vital for referring back to later to figure out what you’ve done with your time.

That being said, PR is fast-paced. Last week, we were genuinely concerned that we wouldn’t be able to keep up, but you really do learn things as you go along. We feel like we’ve developed a lot in this area already. Amy has come straight from a little contact hours Literary Studies MA, and you wouldn’t quite get away from working at your desk in your pyjamas here.

The tone in the office might be that calm and composed, but the frantic typing going on across the room is a tell for what’s going on below the surface. Once you get into the swing of keeping up with things though, it’s fun to know what everyone’s working on and offer a helping hand in the multiple projects going on at once.

We’ve also already learned, in our short time with Clearbox, how important it is to get away from the computer screen, even just for lunch. We’re calling for bonus points if you actually leave the office to breathe in some fresh air. Minus points for spending a ridiculous amount of money on food during one of these excursions.

Final things to keep in mind:

  • Offer to make tea and offer to make it often. Mollie added her own spin on this brief and now water bottles are refilled as often as the kettle is put on
  • Snacks are even more important. Do the snack run. Be the hero
  • People who work in PR aren’t just pretending to be nice in their emails
  • It’s nothing like it looks in Sliding Doors

Going forward, we’re excited to keep on learning and developing. We’re excited to figure out our own email and telephone style, we’re excited to be able to seamlessly manage Dropbox and the MacBook shortcuts, and we’re excited to hopefully nail being good at PR. Sounds achievable, right?

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