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Introducing Chloe

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09. 06. 2015
It was the best of times, it was the was the worst of times. Last week we waved goodbye to one of our lovely interns, Clare Savage, which was a sad day for us all at Clearbox Towers. However this week we are delighted to introduce Chloe McLaurin, our newbie intern who is currently studying Accounting at Queen's University and has dreams of working in the world of media.We asked Chloe to answer a few questions about herself...What brought you to Clearbox? Simple….Anna, of course! No, on a serious note, I wanted experience in the world surrounding the media. I've always had an interest in drama, film, broadcast journalism and anything involved in the creative world. Since going to university and studying accounting, I haven't been as involved in that creative world and thought it was about time to get back into doing what I term as 'interesting' and 'fun'. Clearbox has some really exciting clients and some of the clientele I personally was really excited to get involved with, in particular Universal Pictures and Amazon.What are your responsibilities at Clearbox? Is there something in particular you are really excited to work on?At the moment I have been doing a lot of research and media lists for two projects coming up with two clients. A lot of conference calls which lead to drawing up contact reports, and listening to John's Arsenal chat is also probably in the 'Clearbox Intern' roles. I think the thing I'm looking forward to most is the exciting 'secret' project happening next week for Universal Pictures. It's hard not be excited for a trip to Dublin for the weekend and the 7am call time on Monday morning will be worth it to get out of the office and to see the practical side of PR project work.Best thing about Holywood? There are quite a lot of good things about Holywood. You have that 'town outside of the city' feel. Everyone is immersed in the PR world in Holywood, it is like Northern Ireland's PR hub, so for someone wanting to get a feel for this world and learn more about PR, it is perfect! Clearbox has also mastered the perfect location…based on Church View, we're only a walk around the corner to Holywood's High Street and the bounteous selection of prime cafes and brunching spots.What's the last book you read? The last book that I read was 'I Heart new York' by Lindsay Kelk and my next book will be 'I Heart London' from her collection…Can you tell I'm interested in PR and the media capitals of the world?Your hidden talent? Hidden talent? That's basically code for talents you don't tell people about, isn't it? I guess I don't immediately tell people I can touch my nose with my tongue. Not overly exciting, but roughly only 15% of the world can do it, so I'm going to class that as some sort of talent.You're always saying…Lol!! It is quite bad, I use it like it's a word in the English dictionary…I type it, text it, but also say it. I'm quite a grammar freak, but 'lol' is definitely my biggest exception. Sometimes I come out with it when chatting to new people and I spot them giving me some very odd glances, especially if you are speaking to the older generation. It's a bad habit and I do have to kick myself sometimes in certain situations. (I've typed it a few times throughout this blog, but forcefully backtracked and made myself delete it). Also, my friends are really bad for collectively shortening literally to 'lit'. Maybe it's a Strathearn girl thing…Current Obsession? I don't know if I have a current obsession. Nothing is really jumping out at me, but I did recruit some of my friends opinions to help me out and the first thing Amy said was 'pic n mix'. Says a lot really…I personally would say that's an on-going obsession that I've had for years, but I'll accept it. Who doesn't like sweets and gelatine?Tell us a fun fact about yourself...A fun fact about me? Hmm… In 2 months time I will be walking The Great Wall of China. I guess that is kind of fun? So yes, come September I will be spending a week and a half walking (not all, but part of) the Great Wall of China for Childreach and then I hope to spend a week of down time in Singapore travelling for a bit after my 'good deed' expedition for the greatly worthy charity.What's your future goal? To work at Clearbox, obviously!

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