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31. 01. 2018

January is typically a pretty gloomy month. With long wintery nights, leafy green-based diets and scarily low bank balances it’s one of our least favourite months. However our fun-loving clients at Morelli’s Ice Cream decided to flip dreary January on its head by adding a sprinkling of fun to celebrate the launch of their new retail packaging.


On January 26th (or International Fun At Work Day for those who don’t know) we unleashed the Morelli’s Fun Crew into our friends at local media outlets to inject some colour and fun into the workplace.

Inspired by the vibrant colours and fun flavours, we decided to introduce the new retail packs in a super fun way. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you Ice Cream Pong (stay with us…)

The Morelli’s Fun Crew visited studios and newsrooms across the country, delivering some fun treats including a variety of the new range of individual 125ml spoon-in-lid pots (the Sea Salted Caramel is unreal btw), a tray of tasty toppings and an Ice Cream Pong Kit.


Media were encouraged to go crazy with their ice cream toppings and get competitive over a game of Ice Cream Pong. Points were awarded for each ball that landed in an ice cream tub, the winner was the person who scored the highest points and won the coveted prize of a 950ml tub of Double Cream Vanilla (yes, it’s as amazing as it sounds!)

You can check out all the fun and interaction over at @Morelli_1911 or by searching #MorellisFunPacks on Twitter.

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