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26. 02. 2018

Last week, the western world came to a brief halt as KFC ran out of chicken and closed multiple restaurants across the UK.

“It’s not ideal,” they said. “We’re suffering from ‘operational issues,’” they said.

This brief and, quite frankly, bizarre crisis got us thinking…If KFC can run out of chicken in this day and age, what fresh hell could a failed DHL delivery bring to our lives? Here’s a few things we absolutely could not live without. DHL, take note.


For me it was a debate between toothpaste, Oral B Pro Expert of course, or coffee - Nestle Azera Americano. In the end coffee won. Sure toothpaste makes me feel super clean and gives me squeaky teeth but coffee gives me life!!

When I’m functioning on minimal sleep I drink a coffee and feel like a boss. When my son goes down for a nap and I sit on the sofa and watch trashy TV I always have a coffee to celebrate the moment. When i'm heading into a busy day in work I always arm myself with a coffee. When I meet up with my friends we always catch up over a good coffee.

So please Nestle whatever happens don’t take my Azera Americano coffee away - I simply couldn’t function.


I reckon if Nambarie ran out of teabags, I’d be pretty devastated. There's nothing a good ole’ cup of tea can’t fix. My day features around tea and what biscuit I’m going to have to accompany my next cup, I love the stuff. Peppermint, fruit, chai, green - I’ll take it all, but the real type is the closest to my heart.


Ernie Ball - Power Slinky strings. Gigging regularly means I need to keep changing my strings to keep everything sounding as good as it can. I like heavier gauge strings so I can really dig in without risking one snapping on me and because I tend to tune my guitar down. If Ernie Ball ran out of the Power Slinky strings I’d be pretty snookered…and there’d be a lot of broken guitar strings lying around my feet.


Twinings running out of Pure Peppermint Tea or as it’s more affectionally known at Clearbox, ‘Peppie Tea’, would massively upset my daily routine. I drink copious amounts of the stuff and it’s always my first and last drink of the day (unless it’s a red wine night and I can’t quite remember going to bed).

I’ve been forbidden from drinking coffee in the office as it makes me very ‘excitable’ and too much regular tea makes me feel ill, so I’ve converted to herbal over the years. Only peppermint though, none of the green tea nonsense that tastes so bitter. Yuk. Twinings Pure Peppermint tea is delicious, soothing and has so many health benefits from reducing stress headaches to soothing tummy aches. Please never run out, Twinings!

Claire Best

Diet Coke…a day does not go by for me without consuming a beautiful can of DC. It’s not directly linked to my productivity levels but I do really look forward to my lunch time sparkling low calorie soft drink with vegetable extract and sweeteners!


If Cadbury was to run out of their glass and a half of milk, rendering them unable to make their rich, delicious chocolate, I'd be lost. Anyone that knows me knows Cadbury chocolate is my ride or die. A Twirl a day is essential, so to not have my 3pm chocolate fix would be a serious struggle. Don't even suggest Galaxy chocolate. Blasphemy.

Claire Hamilton

I love coffee! I always say the first cup in the morning to wake up and the second to enjoy. I get coffee from HomeBird in Holywood and a shortage of my favourite beverage would significantly impact my week. I worry that my lack of caffeine would lead to me having to apologise to a lot of people. :)


I’d be in trouble if the nation ran out of Butterscotch Angel Delight. I have an unhealthy obsession with the stuff. It’s impossibly nice and ridiculously easy to make. In the 80s, we had to stick it in the fridge for a bit to chill, but you don’t even need to do that now. In less than two minutes you can have a big bowl of orange-coloured, fluffy, delightful sugary stuff that’s been a staple of my diet for many a year. All you need is a bowl, a whisky of some description and some milk.

I know M&S and friends probably do far fancier stuff, but in my 34 years on planet earth, I’ve yet to find anything that tastes as good as Angel Delight. Oh, I forgot to mention, it’s about 50p a packet as well. Absolute dream. It DOES NOT feed four though, the packet lies.


If I was to face a sudden Haribo shortage I’m not sure I could get through the working week. While coffee fuels me through to lunch, I tend to hit a 3pm slump which is the stage that I delve into the sugar supplies to pick myself back up again. I’d like to say I only take a handful and stop there, but I’d be telling a massive lie.

I think I read somewhere that Kate Middleton shares the same addiction and goes through two bags of Starmix a week. If it’s good enough for the future Queen then it can’t be all bad. Right?

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