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Launching A Start-Up - How Pr Can Help Kickstart A New Business

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18. 06. 2014
Crowd funding is no longer a niche buzzword limited to the inner circle of budding entrepreneurs. The trend for raising capital online to launch projects has exploded, with everyone from independent film makers to the most elite investment entrepreneurs (think Richard Branson, Max Levchin, et. al) wanting a piece of the crowd funded cake.While the launch of these businesses may depend on a successful crowd funding campaign, the success of the crowd funding campaign itself often rests on a well planned, creative communications programme.A great example of this success is the recent launch of the world's first and only Auto Balance Bicycle, Jyrobike.The British-designed bicycle, which teaches kids to ride in a single afternoon using gyroscopic technology in the front wheel, launched on Kickstarter at 3pm on June 3rd with a funding target of $100,000. Less than six days later, the project was fully funded and at the time of writing, Jyrobike's Kickstarter campaign still has 15 days to run and the current funding total sits at almost $136,000.Although the Kickstarter campaign launched in June, work behind the scenes has been going on for six months to help drive buzz around the brand, positioning the product and key Jyrobike staff in the eyes of consumers and media.The six month communications campaign was planned to create a regular drip feed of stories to targeted media to help raise the profile of Jyrobike in the run-up to launch, helping drive sign-ups on the Jyrobike website and creating over 5,000,0000 opportunities to see or hear about the Jyrobike brand in the UK press before the product was unveiled at a special launch event in June.The launch of Jyrobike was written about and filmed by some of the largest media platforms in the world, which helped drive phenomenal traffic to the brand's own website, and most importantly, the Kickstarter campaign.To find out how a PR campaign could help launch your crowd funding campaign, contact Anna at Clearbox Communications on +44 2895 622600 /

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