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Dublin woman reveals cracking life hack
04. 09. 2019

We all have them. Those handy little tips we’ve picked up along the way that simply make adulting a bit less painful.

And if you haven’t, consider this your lucky day…

Alex has assembled all Clearboxers to release their secrets and give you the lowdown on how they help make their lives that little bit easier.


Creased clothes and not an iron in sight? This is a little life hack I picked up out of desperation…If your clothes are creased and you don’t have that pesky travel iron to hand (or any time to let your clothes hang up for a while), put them on and give them a once over with a hairdryer - creases instantly gone!


I’m a big fan of a life hack and feel I’m always picking various tips from all the women in my family. A few faves are:

Painting a small touch of clear nail varnish at the bottom of a ladder in tights to stop it ripping any further
Using ice cubes to remove gum on clothes/ fabrics
Halving a lemon and placing it in the fridge to soak up any food odours
Taking a razor to a jumper to remove the lint balls


I have a few life hacks. My favourite is using my hands as squeegees after the shower. So stay in the shower, with the door closed (this is key) and simply remove excess water from your skin by squeegeeing it off.

This leaves your towels drier, which you can wash less often, ultimately saving the environment. Also, it’s fun and generally improves my morning efficiency as I also dry faster.

Other notable life hacks of mine are centred around my love of coffee. Starbucks will give you a free refill with any drink if you’re part of the loyalty programme and are sitting in (great for those days when working out of the office) and Café Nero gives away free coffees on Tuesday or Wednesday for those of us with o2 through o2 Priority.

Enjoy your efficient drying and free coffees!


Steps to poach an egg
1. Put a decent sized piece of clingfilm over the top of a mug
2. Push some of the clingfilm down into the mug, keeping it attached at the rim
3. Crack the egg into the cling film pouch you have created in the empty mug
4. Twist the cling film up so that you create a little raw egg, cling film pouch
5. Pop into boiling water for 3 minutes

This saves lives and breakfasts.


I love a discount to save money and rarely purchase anything online without a quick Google search to see if there is a current discount code for wherever I’m shopping. A tip? There usually is…

There’s also a genuine way to make money when shopping online. All you need to do is sign up with cash-back site such as Quidco, find the retailer you wish to shop with, then click through and purchase as you usually would and watch as your cash-back tracks into your account.

I’ve made over £200 in the past 18 months and withdraw it into my PayPal account which feeds my other shopping addiction. eBay.


More of a tech hack than a life hack, but the use of the format painter button on Word/Pages is criminally underused. Most people in our office didn’t know it existed until I showed them how it worked. I know. If you’re forever formatting documents with different fonts, colours, formulas then this is the one for you. It will shave hours off your week. No lie.

Now over to the mums…we were expecting big things from them as they don’t just have themselves to look after, with little people too, and they did not disappoint…


Using sellotape wrapped round your hand instead of a roller, also freezing sauce in ice cubes trays when I have cooked too much so I can portion out the remainder nice and quick for nights when I am in a rush.

However, my favourite has to be the duvet cover hack! I hate changing the bed clothes, turn the duvet cover inside out, put your arms inside and grab the top corners, grab the corners of your duvet and shake it on!

This has made my life a WHOLE lot easier. I learnt this one at the age of 11 when I started boarding school and I have used it ever since! I do realise these are all very family / mums life hacks…this is my life now and these make it so much easier!


  • Frozen grapes to cool down wine without watering it down
  • Put a pair of tights over the hoover when trying to find small items
  • Phones charge faster on airplane mode
  • Hide your chocolate in vegetable bags in the fridge (parenting hack)
  • Peel your garlic (without the smelly hands) by popping them in a glass jam jar, put lid on and shake

And to finish us off we have a very useful one for all the drivers out there, especially those on the Westlink…

Attached to the steering wheel of any car will be a lever which when you push it down or up will start a light at the front and rear of the car indicating to other motorists which direction you are about to take you in…really useful if you ask us!

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