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Lockdown Diaries #3: in my life...

01. 04. 2020

Our brilliant office manager Vicci is taking the floor for today’s Clearbox Lockdown Diary.

Vicci joined us a year ago today. She doesn’t work on a Wednesday but she still messaged us to tell us it was her one year anniversary. She’s a dedicated soul that one.

Born and raised in Bangor, Vicci loves her husband, her kids, Wotsits being on offer in the shop and a Friday night Indian takeaway. Her favourite three letters in the alphabet are A, B and C because they stand for ‘anything but Chardonnay.’

Over to you, Victoria!

I grew up in a house with my parents, my younger brother and older sister and there was never a dull moment. There were constant fights for the bathroom, bickering over the TV channel, complaints about the lack of ‘nice food’ and whether we could leave the landing light on at night because I was afraid of the dark.

Now I have my own house, a husband and two children, I’m witnessing these thing from an entirely new perspective and I’m beginning to feel a little bit sorry for my poor mum. I think I’m even turning into her.

This is definitely not a bad thing - she is absolutely amazing! I have, however, started to say things to my children that I rolled my eyes at when growing up. Things like ‘don’t play with your food’, ‘count yourself lucky, when I was your age…’, ‘if the wind changes direction your face will get stuck like that!’… you catch my drift!

This got me thinking about the lessons I have learned from being a young child, through my teenage years, and into becoming a wife and mother. Here are my top 5 life lessons…so far…

Doing Your Own Grocery Shopping Is NOT Fun

Growing up, my mum did our ‘big shop’ at Crazy Prices on a Thursday night. This was always the best night of the week. All the cupboards were packed with ‘nice food’ - crisps, biscuits and chocolate. However, this lasted for one night only, as we stuffed our faces without restrain and were then made to leave some for the packed lunches the following week. I remember dreaming of the day I could do my own shopping. I was going to fill my trolley with items from the crisp and biscuit aisles and nothing else. I can tell you this is NOT the case. I now have to go out, do my own shopping, with my own money and buy enough food to last a family of four for a week. This is not as fun as I thought it was going to be. It’s actually just time consuming and expensive…who knew?!

Money Does Not Grow On Trees

As we grew up and made the usual unreasonable demands on my parents for the newest pair of Nike Air Max, a pair of GHDs, or at one point, a swimming pool in the back garden, we were faced with the question, ‘do you think money grows on trees?’. Well, of course I knew it didn’t, it came out of the hole in the wall instead! Now I understand the hard work and hours that go into putting money into the bank, to come out of that hole in the wall and that there is no magical money tree planted in the back garden.

We Do Not Own Shares in the Electricity Board

This was always one of my dad’s favourites. He used to go about the house switching off all the lights, TVs, game consoles and the immersion water heater (that was the worst one) we had left on behind us, while telling us we didn’t own shares in the electric board. It fell on deaf ears and was a constant battle he faced with us. I now go round my house switching things off behind my offspring, thinking this very thing! Dad, I get it now!

You’ll Understand When You Are Older

Growing up, I was always asking my mum and dad what they were talking about and quizzing them on things. Often, the response was, “you’ll understand when you are older.” I used to hate it when they said this to me, but they were right. There are a lot of things that you don’t understand until you are older and have learned through your own experiences. These life lessons are but a few from my own mind. My mum still says this to me, along with ‘wait until you are my age…’ - and I believe her now. I understand a lot more now than I did when I was a child, and I will understand a lot more in a few years than I do now, and that’s ok!

Be Grateful for What You Have

This is one of my biggest life lessons. Like many people, when I was a teenager or at university, I always wanted more and always wanted better, never content with what I had at the time. Since then, I have learned to stop and appreciate what I do have and not just the material items. I now see the bigger picture and am grateful for so much more; my family, my upbringing, the opportunities I have had, my health, the amazing team I work with - the list is endless. Don’t get me wrong, it is brilliant to be ambitious and strive for more, but don’t miss out on what you have while on your journey.

So, these are my top five life lessons so far and I can’t wait to find out what else I will learn along the way…

"Never stop learning, for when we stop learning, we stop growing"
Loyal "Jack" Lewman

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