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Making Time For Older People

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06. 11. 2017
At Clearbox, we offer the team the opportunity to support community events and causes that are close to our hearts. This month, Natalie has been busy volunteering with Abbeyfield Belfast Society, a non-profit organisation that provides accommodation and support for older people. Fancy finding out what she got up to? Keep on reading...One of the great perks that comes with working at Clearbox is volunteering days. When given the chance to do some volunteering, my charity of choice was a no-brainer. Throughout uni I spent over three years working as a Support Worker for Abbeyfield in one of its supported accommodation residencies. My role involved providing companionship and support to the residents whilst promoting their independence, everything from making a cup of tea to organising a taxi to a hospital appointment.To make a long story short, I absolutely loved it. I was studying history and politics at the time and was fascinated by the stories the residents had to tell. I spent many a shift listening to tales of war and world-changing political events that I had mulled over only in textbooks. I learnt a lot over those three years and have been keen to get involved again ever since.On this occasion I was asked to help out in the head office, offering some PR and social media advice. We chatted about the current strategy for promoting the Abbeyfield message and how to enhance their 'Winter Warmer' campaign to help older people combat loneliness this winter.Social media was the topic of the day as we discussed how to improve the quality of content and photographs whilst staying relevant to the issues that affect older people.The whole Abbeyfield team are incredibly passionate about what they do and I loved working alongside them for the day. I plan to get back into the houses soon to catch up with the lovely residents and find out what I've missed!If you're a charity or organisation that would like support – marketing, social media or even just an extra pair of hands please get in touch with us at

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