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Meet Sofia

23. 06. 2022

Clearbox has always been passionate about giving young people an opportunity to experience the world of PR, and this month we've welcomed our latest placement participant, Sofia. Let's find out a little more about our summer recruit!

Hi! I’m Sofia. I’m joining Clearbox this summer for an internship. I’m about to go into my final year at University of Reading, studying Psychology with Neuroscience.

After finishing A levels, I knew I wanted to go to Uni but was never really sure what I wanted to do as a career and so I almost rushed into choosing psychology. Being the youngest child and always wanting to be like my siblings, I watched my older sister being successful in her career involving social media and marketing and this sparked my interest in wanting to give it a go myself. I love the world of social media and marketing and how amazing it can be in helping businesses grow and I will confess that I’m addicted to TikTok – my screen time is embarrassingly high – but I find it so cool how quickly things can go viral on that platform.

I’d say I’m generally quite introverted but after many lockdowns and online university, I’m excited to get some experience working in an office with others around. I would say I’m hard working and with the gift of being an overthinker and a bit of a perfectionist, I try my hardest and give my all to any task.

One of my favourite hobbies (if you can call it that) is trying new restaurants. My favourite food is Mexican, but I love trying new things and an added bonus for me in any restaurant is a good cocktail menu. As well as food, I have done ballet for most of my life and so it is one of my favourite ways to calm down and boost my mood.

My favourite kinds of weekends are those spent with my family. We live by the sea so love a good walk round the bay with the dogs and then sitting in the garden all evening (if it’s ever warm enough).

I am really excited that Clearbox were kind enough to give me the opportunity to get some experience and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in and getting to know everyone too!

From the blog

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