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Meet the team: Alex Symington

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Next up on our ‘Meet the team’ series is Alex Symington. Alex is a Senior Account Manager at Clearbox. Her career with us started five years ago, when she joined the company as a Senior Account Executive.

What did you do before you joined Clearbox?

“I’ve been working since I was 15, first in an ice-cream shop and then in a jewellery shop for six years. I studied Drama at university and worked at a coffee shop called Rococo during that time – still my favourite coffee shop. I moved to London after I graduated and worked in some bars and restaurants before joining a broadcast PR agency for two years.”

“After leaving my job in London I moved home, where I worked at a different PR agency for eight months. After realising it wasn’t the fit for me, I applied for a job at Clearbox and long story short – here we are!”

*To read more about Alex’s career journey, click here.

Tell me a bit about your career progression within Clearbox.

“In my past job in broadcast PR, I was always working on bigger teams so there wasn’t nearly as much opportunity to progress as there has been at Clearbox. Once I got to Clearbox, there was a lot of learning in regard to traditional PR such as creating media materials, print and online. I also really enjoyed working on the events side of things.”

“I was a senior account executive for two years and was then given the opportunity to try to progress to account manager. It was a six-month training programme and I had different objectives to hit. I got my promotion in February 2020 and then the whole world shut down a month later – I think I girlbossed too close to the sun…”

“A big part of my progression has been through the Amazon In The Community (AITC) team. I have had the opportunity to create different processes, build and train a team, and develop my leadership skills. I have also had access to various training programmes and resources such as SmartSheets, which have improved my technical skills.”

Why did you join Clearbox?

“When I handed my notice in at my old job in London, I was researching different agencies in Belfast and Clearbox really stood out to me. It looked so cool, but one of the biggest things that stood out to me was that they had worked on Mrs Browns Boys with Universal. Everyone in that job teased me because I liked Mrs Browns Boys, so Clearbox felt like a match made in heaven. I also really appreciated that John had replied to me and had a similar experience of moving home from London. There’s a real open environment and atmosphere at Clearbox that I have always loved.”

What does a typical day look like?

“There are a few things that I do every day. I am known in here for loving a tracker, so every morning I check all the trackers, making sure KPIs are on the way to be hit and stories, payments and calls are all moving and up to date.”

“I’ll then spend a good chunk of the morning setting out tasks for people that need to be done that day or replying to any questions I have been asked – basically just being there for the team. If you want to get me before I delve into anything, morning is the best time.”

“One of the jobs we do for the AITC project is managing its email inbox communications. I check that and reply to anything I need to, then my day opens up to approving things, reviewing things, any written work or new business documents – basically working on any projects I am a part of.”

“I always go for a walk around 12:30pm, and eat my lunch when I get back. Towards the end of the day, I make sure I have replied to everyone I need to reply to and check off the things on my to do list that need to be done.”

What is your favourite thing about working at Clearbox?

“This is such a clichéd answer, but it has to be the team. I think everyone who works here is brilliant and I love chatting to everyone – I just love coming to work.”

What is your dream Glastonbury line-up?

“Legend slot would definitely be Dolly Parton. Taylor Swift would have to be in there, as well as Arctic Monkeys, and of course, ABBA.”

What is your fantasy dinner menu?

“This question is my worst nightmare, anyone who knows me knows I adore food. But if I had to choose… starter would be garlic pizza bread with onion and mozzarella from Zio’s and their king prawns (don’t judge my double starter). Then for main, a scallop risotto I had in Brixton at Maremma – that is one of the most amazing meals I have ever had. For dessert, sticky toffee pudding from The Fullarton Arms in Ballintoy – I absolutely love it.”

And we absolutely love you, Alex!

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