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Meet the team: Amy Winter

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Next up on our ‘Meet the team’ series is Amy Winter. Amy joined Clearbox over four years ago, and if you are looking for some banging copy, a book recommendation or the coolest coffee shop in town – look no further.

What did you do before Clearbox?

“I was studying for a master’s in literary studies, and I worked at a bookshop called Books Paper Scissors. The dream, really.”

Why did you join Clearbox?

“Honestly? I had nothing else lined up. A long-term dream of mine is to open a bookshop, and whilst my master’s was wrapping up my extremely kind managers/friends at the bookshop presented me with a plan to open another branch of Books Paper Scissors across town that I would manage.”

“However, as the end of my studies loomed, chat about the bookshop died down. I eventually had to tell my managers that as much as I wanted the job, I couldn’t be unemployed. So, I applied for an internship at Clearbox knowing nothing about PR, and after dithering about it for a few days prior. I submitted my application at 4pm on the deadline day from the counter of the bookshop.”

“While I knew little about PR, I had read all of Clearbox’s blog posts and the culture seemed like a really good fit. I could tell it was a good learning environment and the team was clearly a young team who were interested and interesting. The interviewers from Clearbox also asked me what my favourite book was during our first chat, so I was sold.”

Tell me a bit about your progression in Clearbox.

“After a three-month internship at the end of 2019, I became permanent as a junior account executive in January 2020. I think I hit my groove fairly quickly at the company because I joined at a time where the skills I had were needed. I slotted in well and made myself useful very quickly.

“It’s funny, because I spent more time working from home than in the office as I started to progress, thanks to a certain pandemic. Even though the whole world had shut down we worked on doing our best for our clients and for each other. Before March of that year, I had the opportunity to work on some events and use different skills that showed me the range of what Clearbox did, which I was really grateful for.

“In November of 2020, there was the chance to apply for an account executive role, and I felt I was ready to ditch the junior in my job title. It wasn’t your typical progression as I applied and interviewed internally, but it was definitely natural – I was ready for it.

“After working as an account executive for about six months, I was promoted to senior account executive in May 2021. This felt huge because I started to take on tasks that were typically assigned to Alex. Alex was my mentor when I joined Clearbox and I couldn’t fathom that I was at that level now. I started training junior team members and began to work my way to communications manager, which I was promoted to in July of this year.”

What does a typical day look like?

“I log on in the morning and check my emails before spending about half an hour reading the news. Once I close my laptop at the end of the day, I don’t want to hear about the news – part of me keeping my work and home life separate is shutting out the world and being present in the things I need to be present for post-5pm.

“When I’m working from home I have my breakfast at about 10am after a couple of solid hours of work (normally coffee and some porridge or granola). Then I’ll do a quick sweep for any coverage we’re waiting for, have a look at LinkedIn to see what is going on with our clients and their clients, and then I’ll think about any moving pieces I need to align internally. I’ll make sure I know what’s going on across the board so that if anyone needs me, I have an awareness of what’s happening.

“I spend the rest of the day writing template press releases, putting together LinkedIn plans, interviewing people and writing up their stories and often preparing for things that will happen in three-week’s time.”

What is the best thing about working about Clearbox?

“The culture we’ve created. The way we hire and engage people is based on who they are and the skills they bring, and you can progress naturally without feeling like a hamster in a wheel, which I think is brilliant.

“You’re genuinely cared about at Clearbox and we care about what we do. Our culture really does reflect how much we put into our work, and there is room to grow and be who you are.”

What’s your dream Glastonbury line-up?

“Legend slot: Stevie Nicks/Dolly Parton/Carole King – any powerhouse of a woman.

Headliners: I would love to see Biffy Clyro headline Glastonbury (because it’s about time), The 1975 (I just love them, I can’t explain it) and Taylor Swift (obviously?). I’m a contemporary girl, what can I say?

“Not to sound like an eye roll, but the other artists I listen to probably aren’t going to be Glastonbury headliners any time soon (The Staves, please).”

What is your fantasy dinner menu?

“I love food. My starter would be chilli butter prawns from the Galley in Annalong. For my main, the prawn massaman with coconut rice from Kin and Deum at London Bridge, or a big sharing platter of any kind of pasta. For dessert, I have three options: a plum and white chocolate dish from a restaurant I went to in Copenhagen, an almond croissant from Glume in Moira, or anything that’s considered a ‘death by chocolate’ kind of vibe. The dream.”

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