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Meet the team: Ella Magee

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Next up on our ‘Meet the Team’ series is Ella Magee, who is always the beating heart of a brainstorm. Ella is constantly thinking of new business ideas and cool campaigns for Clearbox to execute, and when she isn’t working hard for us, she’s trying out all the hottest food spots in Belfast (she could give you a recommendation or ten).

Ella Magee is an account executive here at Clearbox, where she has worked for the last year and a half. Before joining us, she was a marketing executive for a hospitality company in Antrim, and before that, a waitress in restaurants across Northern Ireland.

Why did you join Clearbox?

“I had been following the company on social media for a while and it looked so cool, so always kind of had my eye on working here. I thought the client roster was pretty groovy and figured it would be a great company to grow and progress in my career.”

What does a typical day look like?

“When I work from home, I get up at 7am and take the dog for a walk, then come back and get ready for my day. I’ll open my laptop around 8:25am and get started with checking my emails, replying to any I need to reply to, getting on Slack and having a chat with the team.

I’ll check for any coverage we are expecting, and also will make a big to-do list for the day. I’ll maybe have a few calls, check in with the team again to get any craic, and then it’s about time for lunch. In the afternoon I will draft some pitches, check on any group projects… just do my job, really. At 5pm I will slam the laptop shut and make some dinner, maybe pop on an episode of Gavin and Stacey, walk the dog or go for a coffee with my pals.”

What is the best thing about working at Clearbox?

“The team – working with such a lovely group of people makes it all so worthwhile. I know without a doubt that the team will always make my day better. Everyone is so hard-working and supportive in how you are progressing in your career. And it’s also just so fun to work here! There are so many opportunities to progress, and I honestly just love it. I can tell you the worst thing too – when the Coke Zero runs out.”

What is your dream Glastonbury line-up?

“That is really, really hard… almost too hard! I mean, Fleetwood Mac would have to take the legend slot. Would love to see Muse too, and the Foo Fighters again. And I would sell an organ to see Nirvana. Pie in the sky would be to see Oasis and The Stone Roses at their prime, one can dream…”

What is your fantasy dinner menu?

“I already know my dessert would have to be sticky toffee pudding from the Parson’s Nose in Hillsborough – so delish. Starter, maybe arancini from literally anywhere. And then I am a picky bit’s girl, so my main would have to be made up of lots of picky bits. The Birria tacos from Taquitos, mac and cheese balls from Bootleggers, cheese and bacon mash from The Pheasant, half a lobster from Mourne Seafood Bar and then some good Franks hot sauce wings.”

Certainly a picky bits gal, Ella.

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