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Meet the team: Jess Preece

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Next up on our ‘Meet the team’ series is Jess Preece. Jess is a PR account executive here at Clearbox and she joined the company back in May 2022. Before working with us, Jess was at Ulster University studying communications and PR management. Let’s hear about her experience in the PR industry thus far.

Why did you join Clearbox?

“To be honest, I wanted to travel after university, but thought I would apply for a few jobs just to see. Clearbox was the first job I applied for and I was lucky enough to get it. I wasn’t on the search, I just came across the company and thought it had a good culture, so I made the jump, and everything fell into place after that.”

What does a typical day look like for you?

“Once I get off the train in Belfast I often have the best intentions in the world to go for a walk, but somehow I always end up in Café Nero for a cappuccino. I love to sit and read or unashamedly, people watch.

I will then dander to the office with my coffee and begin my day checking for any coverage I might be expecting for our clients. I will check my emails, go through the headlines, have a look on Twitter and LinkedIn. A big part of the day is admin – after doing every task, there is always a tracker to update (or 20). I will then spend some time drafting any press releases for client campaigns, doing research for the story, proofreading.

I never bring lunch to work and when I do, it is an achievement – I am that person who always asks everyone to go out for lunch. I love making my way around the Belfast food scene and trying new places.

After lunch, I get back to finishing whatever is on my to-do list, making sure to have a fizzy bev from the fridge and a healthy amount of whatever snacks are on the table – and a post-work drink is always on the tip of the tongue.”

What is the best thing about working at Clearbox?

“The people! We have been so lucky with the people on our team. Everyone is so passionate, professional, and creative but they don’t take life too seriously. The work we do is rewarding and we get to be a part of some really cool campaigns. I have never dreaded coming into work in all the time I’ve been at Clearbox.”

What is your dream Glastonbury line-up?

“I would have to pick Luke Combs or Zach Bryan (Glasto goes country?), and Elton John of course. Love a bit of Fleetwood Mac and maybe Meatloaf too. My dad loved him – that was our car CD growing up. But I probably wouldn’t even make it to my own dream line-up – I am always late to the game with concert tickets.”


What is your fantasy dinner menu? Three courses, each from a different restaurant, any restaurants in the world.

“For starter I would have crispy beef pancakes with hoisin sauce from The Yellow Heifer in Camlough. Or maybe the nduja arancini from Orto. Then for my main I’d have to pick this delicious seafood pasta I had in Vienna – it was incredible and the whole vibe was very romantic. For dessert, I’m not into rich chocolatey desserts, but I am a sucker for my auntie’s homemade pavlova.”

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