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Clearbox's Fave Flicks

11. 05. 2023

Zoe Kerr, our resident film fanatic, is back to talk about our team's fave flicks and provide some movie magic inspiration for those long nights of aimlessly scrolling through Netflix...take it away Zoe!

I always think a movie can be so much more than just a cinematic masterpiece. It’s about the nostalgia you feel whilst watching or the hidden meanings you can find throughout scenes or just having an excuse to make some popcorn…guilty hehe.

It’s no surprise the CB team loves a good recommendation - from Amy’s post about the best Belfast coffee shops to Ella’s best Belfast bites. I thought it would be a good idea to ask the team what I think is the hardest question known to man – “what’s your favourite movie?”

So, get comfy, grab some popcorn and have a read at the team’s favourite movies!


School of Rock


The music. The comedy. Jack Black. Need I say anymore?

A movie I could watch on repeat, quote word for word and still laugh every time is the one and only SCHOOL OF ROCK.

Jack Black is the epitome of fun, laughter and ‘I don’t care who’s watching’ and that is why this movie will forever make an appearance in my watchlist.

Primary school Jess was patiently waiting for the moment a ‘Mr S’ character would waltz into the classroom and make me the STAR of a rock and roll band. Safe to say that didn’t happen and I’ll just live my dream through shamelessly singing along and smashing a solo on the air guitar while I watch the movie.


The Help

I absolutely adore this movie and everything it focuses on. The movie communicates such an important message and insight into the reality of many people’s lives in the 1960’s.

Watching this movie is an emotional rollercoaster to say the least, whilst it’s a sad and serious story, it is also very funny, witty and endearing.


Hocus Pocus

My favourite film of all time has to be the cinematic masterpiece that is…. Hocus Pocus! (the OG only btw, I unfortunately wasn’t impressed with the most recent sequel).

Firstly, I am completely Halloween obsessed so the film obviously had to be on theme. Watching this film takes me back to being 6 years old and balancing on a witch’s broom propped up between our two sofas, singing my heart out to ‘Come Little Children’ and wishing I could be as cool as Sarah Jessica Parker.

I can quote the script from beginning to end and is probably the only film I can do this with. One of the greatest films of all time, without a doubt.


La La Land

I’m going to surprise a few people here. I was pretty much dragged to the cinema to see it when it came out and threw a right strop. “Stupid musicals” etc, but after that opening of Another Day of Sun, I was IN. It’s got it all really – great music, great performances and a story that takes you on an emotional roller-coaster. What starts off as something uplifting ends up punching you in the stomach at the end. I’ll say no more than that.

10/10 performance from big man Ryan as well. I think most of the soundtrack was on my top 100 Spotify list when it came out too.

Am I going to be ripped to pieces by my friends when they read this? Yes. Do I Care? Absolutely not!


Ex Machina

Maybe it’s the way the world is heading that brought this film to my mind, or maybe it’s just excellent, but regardless of reasoning, the first film that pops into my head when asked this question is Alex Garland’s Ex Machina. It’s got a stellar cast (Domhnall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac, Alicia Vikander), an incredible setting (an architectural beauty hidden in a Norwegian woods), and just enough suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat without scaring the wits out of you.

I’m not usually about tech-loaded films that show the potential damage we could do to ourselves by trying to reach the highest heights, but there’s something about Ex Machina that draws me in. At its heart, it’s a story about humanity and what it means to be alive, and that’s done exceptionally well with a small cast and a taut script. I think about it often.

Honourable mentions: Aftersun, In Bruges, Aquamarine

Ask me again tomorrow…


2000’s Hugh Grant

Basically, anything with Hugh Grant - we're talking Love Actually, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill and of course, the GOAT Bridget Jones (where do you think my inspo to work in PR came from...) Even though Mark Darcy is the one, there's always something appealing about Daniel Cleaver, sorry not sorry.

I'm waiting for the day young floppy haired Hugh Grant bumps into me as I walk through Belfast, spilling orange juice everywhere and we fall madly in love. Or he fights off an American President on my behalf and we celebrate to The Pointer Sisters. I have really gone in on Hugh Grant, but it's Richard Curtis who deserves the applause for writing some great movies that I can't help but watch over and over again.

And obviously, Mamma Mia, but I don't need to explain that one...



I find this such a tough question and my answer changes as frequently as the weather in Northern Ireland, but for the purposes of this, I’m going to say Grease. Great acting, great soundtrack, great story. Cannot beat it.


Shutter Island


Full of suspense, one of the best plot twists I have ever seen in a movie (it’s not a spoiler – everyone should have watched this movie by now), and of course the gorgeous Mark Ruffalo (you thought I was going to say Leonardo DiCaprio, didn’t you?). It’s the kind of movie that when you watch it again it’s like you’re watching a completely new movie.

I’m a sucker for a good plot twist and Shutter Island is the type of movie that I wish I could watch for the first time again just to experience the unknown one more time.

Now that you know the team’s favourite movies, would you be able to answer the hardest question known to man – what’s your favourite movie??

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