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Page's First Month At Clearbox

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17. 11. 2014
It's hard to believe that our Intern, Page McLaughlin has only been with Clearbox for a month! Page fitted right in to the Clearbox family from day one and has been such a big help with all of the big projects we've been working on over the past few weeks. We asked the newest member of the team to write an honest account of her first month at Clearbox...I can't believe it, my first month at Clearbox is over already! It has flown in, and I can honestly say I've enjoyed every minute! In light of my first month here being complete, I'm going to take this chance to tell you all about my 'Clearbox Journey' so far…It all began about six weeks ago, when I received an email from the University of Ulster inviting students to apply for placement with Clearbox Communications. This seemed perfect to me as I was studying a degree in Communication and Public Relations and, after researching the business on their website and emailing managing director, Anna Morris about the placement, I was sure I wanted to get involved.My interview was great, nerve-wracking, but great. This was the first time I got to come down to the Clearbox office, where Anna and John made me feel very welcome and told me a bit about all the clients they were working with. It was really exciting hearing about all the cool things going on at Clearbox and definitely made me want to be part of the company even more!A few days after my interview, I received an email from Anna letting me know that I'd been successful, and asking when I could come down to start (yay!) It has been all go ever since!Since my first day, I have been involved in brain storming ideas for potential new clients, working on projects and conducting research for existing clients such as insurance, Just Live a Little, Jyrobike and Universal Studios, as well as learning from and having craic and cookies with the rest of the team!I've gained so much from my placement, but my most memorable experience thus far has GOT to be taking part in my first ever PR stunt for “Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie” DVD release! The day of the stunt was CRAZY, but exciting and definitely one to remember! We left the Clearbox offices on Thursday afternoon and headed from little Holywood down south, to the not so little capital of the Republic, Dublin!When we arrived in Dublin we headed to the hotel to leave off our bags and get set up for the next day. After an appetising dinner and celebratory knickerbocker glory for birthday girl (and my fellow intern) Clare, we headed back to the hotel and set about attempting to put stickers on to 1,000 pieces of fruit, and awaited the arrival our life sized Molly Malone-esque 'Mrs. Brown' statue.The next morning, we had an early start as press would be arriving for the unveiling of the statue at 9am. Then there would be radio interviews with RTE, dealing with reporters, and finally, the task of moving the 'larger than life' (literally) Mrs. Brown down to HMV where it would stay to promote the DVD. It was a great chance for me to see how people in the Public Relations industry work on the ground, how they talk to and communicate with reporters, journalists, photographers and the client and it was a great opportunity for me to make some new media contacts too.Whilst doing the PR stunt, I was in charge of the promotional girls who would be handing out the fruit and encouraging people on the street to see the statue. I was in charge of getting jackets with the 'Mrs. Brown's Boys:D'Movie' logo embroidered on to the back for the girls to wear while they handed out their fruit, as well as creating their brief, and giving them a run through on the day. My favourite thing about the stunt out of everything was definitely the reaction it got. The reactions from people on the street, the Moore Street traders' reactions, the social media reaction on Facebook and Twitter – it was epic to see how our stunt which started off as an idea in the Clearbox boardroom was taking over the twitter-sphere! The takeover was so good in fact, that the Mrs. Brown's Boys DVD became the fastest selling DVD in Xtra-Vision history!As you can see, it's been a highly eventful month and with new clients and Christmas just around the corner this month is set to be another busy one for me! Thanks for reading, until next time!Page xx

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